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I have not played for a couple of days, but have been playing for a year with no problems. I have a GTX 1070 video card with up to date drivers. When I went to launch the game (first time after patch), my display loses input for 3 seconds, comes back for 2, loses for 3, and so on. I am and have always been running the game in 2560x1440(140) with no issues and generally getting around 100 fps with Ultra settings.

If I change the game to windowed mode, it works fine. If I do borderless window mode it does the same thing as above. The only way I have gotten the game to work is to cap the frames @ 60 and run @ 2560x1440(60). What the heck?

Can post DXdiag if necessary.
After playing a round @ the 2560x1440(60) I was still getting the display loss on the character selection screen. I don't know what blizz did, but it makes me feel uneasy playing as I don't want to have to leave a game because the game is unplayable.
Same dude, I have been having fps issues ever since the patch on September 19th. Everything was fine and then this patch hit and now my fps will just suddenly drop from about 120 to 50 and I'm playin on high.

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