PotG is Broken.

Bug Report
I'm sure we've all experienced this: the blasé Play of the Game that leaves you with that "wtf" impression. Happens all the time.
Well, get this: I made a quintuple kill with Reaper in a highly contested Competitive match scenario. It ended up winning us the round just barely. Should have been PotG right? nope.
Instead that particular Competitive match PotG was a terribad enemy Junkrat with poor stats performing an ultimate on Dva in a random, uncontested situation. Just one unimpressive kill. That's it. PotG.

Explain to me how PotG isn't a broken feature in game. Please, I'll pay attention.
Like the Widow, whom I watched miss somewhere around 5 headshots, landed one, and the people she shot around died too, so she got PotG. O_____O
We actually tested this once in a comp game, where the enemy team had a leaver and gave up, until only one lone lucio was left on the other team. We let him get the floor is lava achievement, and just boosted his environmental kills for fun.

We set up twice, the first time he booped 4 of us off, the second time he booped 5 of us of. The quad kill was the play of the game. (The point was capped already both times so made no difference to the situation)
I think it's calculated by fire but without the normal cap at 100-per-kill, making larger enemies/allies more valuable. It then selects a POTG by searching for a time window where the average fire-per-second was highest. Problem is... divide 4 squishy kills by 5 seconds and you're barely competing with the fire you get for standing on a capping point for 5 seconds. Add a D.Va mech (200 fire) and it's sure to beat any big play that occurs in the open, or on a contested point. The situation around the play is usually more important than the size of the play... in the limited sense that the algorithm can tell what the situation actually was. Doing crucial work that gets the payload to C won't count as high as the Reinhardt who stood on cart and hit one swing at a passing low-hp Tracer.

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