I keep losing connection to the game server

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I've been having the exact same issue since mid-January on Xbox. Started with just comp matches and has now extended into every game mode and even randomly from the main menu screen. I followed all of your troubleshooting steps and was told to contact Xbox Live Support who gave very similar troubleshooting steps before suggesting I contact Blizzard support again. This is insanity, I'd just really like to be able to play the game I paid for and not eat bans and XP penalties with every attempt.
sweet, I thought I was the only one having this issue.. I'll be able to play a few games.. fine.. then.. I just get dropped from the game and have to restart my PC before the game will let me back on. it sucks.
now with that being said it seems like my PC is the issue. but other games play fine without this issue.. JUST OVERWATCH.. I can even play other blizzard games without this issue.
I have had this same problem described throughout this conversation except i am never able to get on overwatch. The loading screen says entering game and then says lost connection to game server. I have tried roughly twenty times over the course of three days to get on i have looked at other conversations and watched videos but nothing has worked. Blizzard Support/jeff Please help me this is very sad.:(
i have lost over 200sr points over DCs durint competitive matches and have over 24hours ban time. I know its my own fault for insisting on paying a game that IS NOT WORKING but it would be nice if blizzard would fix its servers since my internet connection its fine
i have lost over 200sr points over DCs durint competitive matches and have over 24hours ban time. I know its my own fault for insisting on paying a game that IS NOT WORKING but it would be nice if blizzard would fix its servers since my internet connection its fine
I'm so tired of this issue I can't even take it anymore. Bought a new Xbox game and going to put my attention on it til this is fixed someday.
I've been having this problem for the last 3-4 days, I can't login/launch at all while my brother is able to play fine in the same house/connection.

I used this last night (I've been trying all the solutions and troubleshooting advice, hopefully following this might help someone else)
It worked for the night and I was able to play, but then I shut down + woke up today, it's broken again.
From these weekend I had 3 DISCONNECTIONS on the game, while my discord is still working, I can speak with my friends, open a web page, but after the disconnections, I close the game, battle net, reopen battle net, and I have to open the GAME 5 times to still connect again, after THAT much time of course the 1.30min pass, so i lose 50SR and Banned, now it happens 3 times in 4 days, and now im BANNED 1 hour and 30 minutes, and I was able to go back to the GAME and I was STILL BANNED. Guys these is totally stupid, you need to put more TIME. If a PERSON leaves he is leaving because he is trolling, if we have DISCONNECTIONS and we are trying to get back, you need to expand the time FRAME.

You should know, if a PLAYER HIT ESCAPE and leave and when a player is disconnects, because we dont HIT LEAVE GAME. I cannot believe that you cannot see the difference when a player leaves or not.

If we have working DISCORD working and speaking, and can surf web pages when the disconnections happens and still cannot connect and ENTER to the game, IS NOT OUR INTERNET PROVIDER.
I find it aggravating that a company as big as Blizzard who have created one of the most famous MMOs in the past can't own up to having faulty servers and don't even take the time to fix an issue that is obviously effecting more than a select few users.
I find Blizzard's way of confronting server issues way too lackluster for a AAA company.
It's just my second day on the game, I've really been looking forward to playing.

It worked fine yesterday, but now I only got to connect once, and then it was very laggy AI game. (Didn't even get to the game, it was just a skirmish).

I've wasted an hour of my time trying all the fixes, but nothing works. I'm starting to doubt I'll ever be able to play again.

Way to go, Blizzard.
Same here. Trying to connect to this game has been hit or miss lately.

Either you're patient enough to close and open your game couple of times and see if it enters the game, or you go play some other game with better server.
They don't care. And honestly, Overwatch is not that great of a game that you really should, either.

Rock paper scissors with toy guns gets old after a while.
Having the same issue.
This has been happening to me on and off since October.
I can run Steam games no issue.
My internet connection isn't the greatest, but it's good enough to average around 30 ping with the occasional spike - and then I just randomly get dropped from the server.
My discord and browser are fine - no issues there and when it happens my ping looks fine, too. I can usually log straight back in and my router/firewall settings haven't changed.
Blizzard, please give us something to work with here?

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