What all did you get for the event?

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I was fortunate to get almost everything I wanted. The only items I didn't have enough credits to pick up or didn't drop were: Zen's Cultist, Torb's Viking, last year's Rein, and last year's Hanzo. I'd say picking up all items I wanted from last year (basically all of them) and picking up most of them this year was a pretty good success. How'd everyone else fare?
Regarding skins, I wound up buying Zenyatta's, and I didn't get Torb's..got all the others though...

As for voicelines and sprays, I got many of them but didn't keep track...
Got all legendaries, although I had to buy three of them from this year.

- All emotes
- All voicelines
- All sprays
- All intros

Think it took me 55 boxes or so but ive also played in the event last year. Again, bought three of the skins.
I ended up with it all pretty early on but I already had everything from last year so that really helped.
Everything except for Torb and Hog. I bought Mei’s, McCree’s , and Symmetra’s skins.
What did I get, not enough.

But that's ok, all I really wanted was Syms dragon skin. I got a couple others but, truthfully, I didn't play much this event.

October has been a amazing month for games in general, along with some great new ones.
Tons of stuff.
None of it stuff that I wanted.
Opened 66 lootboxes and still had to spend 4250 credits to get the stuff I wanted. Missed out on Cultist Zenyatta too because I don't play him enough to justify a 3k credit purchase.
ii got all of the trick or treat sprays, as many rip poses, junkrats, torbs, reapers, and...i think that is it..
I got everything I wanted to get (last year's legendaries, Reaper's Highlight intro, various Halloween Sprays like Gummy Hog, all the Pumpkin poses), but I didn't get Viking Torbjorn or Cthulu Zenyatta. Oh well. There's always the Christmas skins
Symmetra dragon skin
Pig Junkenstein's monster skin
Bastion tombstone
I got Sym and Reaper's new skins, all the new halloween poses, and a few other things I wanted. I ended up buying Mercy witch skin. I liked Zenny's skin, but if I'm being honest, I don't think I'd use the C'thulu cultist skin over the emperor skin.
First Halloween event. I got every Halloween item except for Ana and McCree’s skins, which hurts because I really like those two and play them a lot.

Still, Dragon Sym, Witch Mercy and Dracula Reaper are gonna see lots of playtime in the future and Immortal 76, 80’s Zarya and Cult Zen will appear when I want to use the later two for learning and 76’s when I get bored of the other skins.

Also I got about 8 non-event legendaries as well. I got like 20 of them this event.
All skins except ana,sym,zarya. bought last years skins. All epic stuff,most sprays etc.
Played a lot and got more non event skins then event ones,buying the old event skins was a good decision i think.
Zarya ans sym would have been great but syms vampire skin is also nice,especially the turrets.
All in all im happy,only thing i hated were the playericon dupes i started to get quite early because there are too less blue items...rip poses should have stayed in the boxes.
I ended up buying Zarya's. It was kind of a whim. I knew I'd have enough to buy at least one and I've been playing her lately so I just did it without putting too much thought into it so I couldn't talk myself out of it.
I literally only got two event skins. Zenyatta and Zaryas. This was even getting 2 boxes a day for every day of the event (plus the extra boxes from arcade). :(

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