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10/26/2017 09:17 PMPosted by Blackwing

It it really much different from Mercy 1.0, though? I get where you're coming from and I agree 100%, but it's really the only midfight value she has right now.

yes it's different a bit from mercy 1.0 when rez is ultimate.
when I play mercy in comp sometime when we have no healer ( I'm not a healer main)
I just focus on my teammates and I can determine when to use rez even 1-2 person if it's can keep the push.
even I have no mobility like valkyrie I still have fun with her more. I know where to stand and can join the fight along with my teammates I'm not a hiding type mercy because I take my teammates's life for first prioty.

now it's became 30 sec rez bot and why I said it have no fun? because I can't determind what I gonna do. I stop playing mercy after 2.1 came out and now it's my friend who still playing her. And this is what I observe from it.
The early game rez , yeah it's make me frustrated and also the enemy team too. sometime I dissappoint when rez was use for panic early game death and not use for the proper situation. and if your team have no mercy = we all dead because we have no 30 sec rez. now mercy become a must pick and some zen ana, luico player were forced to play only mercy because the rez as E skill.
after rez was used what mercy gonna do? of course healing but no because it's become mercy hunting game and no one protect our mercy because she already use rez, just let she died so the rez will recharge more quickly. that's why it's no fun anymore. sometime my friend use valkyrie but eveyone just died except me as genji and orisa that she has rez ,her mass healing was useless because I was too far from her target heal. I recently got survival expert achievement because of this.

rez as an old ult can make game changes but you can feel free to choose whatever you prefer to play as healer because it's an ultimate so no one could pop it up every 30 sec right?
so we can still have lucio and zen or even ana for casual play style. I miss those days from 2 months ago when I have fun with this game but now it's became mercy hunt minigame and mercy only for healer in comp and QP.

this is my opinion though,
sorry again for my bad english
Faith is a little bit restored now. Ty for informing us and continue to work on the game :) I am exited now for blizzcon. Keep up the good work.
I played elemental shaman at trash tier for years at high end raiding. And I'll play Mercy and whatever trash tier she's at because she's fun. She was fun before. She's fun now. I'll work with it. I like Ana. I like Zen. And I like Luico - I want them all to be as powerful as her. I love supports. What I don't like is I bought the game in May and for 6 months there appears to be no stability. No stable comp. No small steady stream of SMALL tweaks and updates to the heroes. It's like a bomb is dropped into the game every few weeks. I feel like Alice in Wonderland at the mad hatters party - when she finally get a chance to rest, she has to get back up and scramble.

I really like the heroes. I like the game. I wish there was more coop pve or tower defense stuff but I'm here watching the weirdest tug of war game with Mercy at the center instead. I do look forward to blizzcon and some reprieve from this.
Thanks Jeff. You guys keep doing what you're doing. It may not seem like it at times, but this community does appreciate all of you working hard for us, and we're lucky to have passionate developers to curate this game we love to yell about.
I'm at the point where these changes will probably be make it or break it for me. So much has gone downhill for a while now and this could be the saving moment for me I'm hoping. Fingers crossed!
While I know the reveal is probably not going to be that big of a deal, I am curious about the gigantic Loot Box that has it's own panel at the convention.
10/26/2017 09:54 PMPosted by Meril
Oh... but spectate mode tho

For real dude I've reported countless people and not a single email and the situation in competitive is only getting worse, so no, it's not working

but nah you right, don't ban these people, it's not their fault that they're pissed off at your garbage matchmaking system so I can't really blame them for getting mad

The matchmaking system is bad for many reasons but hard to fix that actually. We cant remove smurfs, we cant seperate team comp. And also I think we feel unfair lots of time even we really have true 50:50 chance because we are not winning(^.^)
just delete rez from the game ya'll !@#$ed it up so bad may as %^-*in well.
Ty so much Jeff. Keep up the good work
It may not be the popular opinion for the forum, but please don't revert the mercy. I like the rework. I like what you guys are doing with Mercy, though she's op right now, but I'm sure the new idea you guys are working on is great! Thanks for the game, keep up the great work.
10/26/2017 10:18 PMPosted by MeiCree
It may not be the popular opinion for the forum, but please don't revert the mercy. I like the rework. I like what you guys are doing with Mercy, though she's op right now, but I'm sure the new idea you guys are working on is great! Thanks for the game, keep up the great work.

Not popular but I agree. Hide and seek is as sick as symmettra shield battery
...the mercy rework is going well?

Is a dumpster fire considered "going well" for this game now?
10/26/2017 06:21 PMPosted by Jeff Kaplan
different toned-down versions of the ability
This doesn't solve all the world's problem, but here's one small suggestion:
    • Allies may only be Resurrected within 3 seconds of death.

Currently, it's the full 6 seconds of the respawn timer, up to 12 seconds in Overtime, and an infinite length during Elimination gamemodes. A narrow window for Resurrection would mean that Mercy players with better positioning, movement mechanics and game sense would get more resurrections. It would also improve counter-play, making defending bodies for 3 seconds more viable.

edit: I don't know where the Dislikes are coming from. It doesn't have to be three seconds if you think it's too harsh. At least we can all agree to a reasonable time limit in Elimination, right?
I appreciate the acknowledgement of Mercy's current issues. While I do think placing Rez back on her ultimate slot is the best solution, I'll keep an open mind for what the team comes up with.

I'm personally not enjoying this stall meta all that much. The fast paced teamfights are what drew me into Overwatch and the reworked Mercy kind of drags out every encounter. Sure she isn't broken or anything but I feel that the game becomes stale a lot quicker this way. Again, thank you for listening to feedback and hopefully we'll have some changes to test soon enough.
Maybe make it so heroes only get 50% of their health back, but they also can act immediately upon resurrection instead of waiting for the animation to finish so they can make some use of the iframes they get during the animation.
Thanks for the update. It’s appreciated to hear what the game plan is for the dev team.
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I understand you cant tells us about the hero 26 but can you give us your opinion on the state of having such few supports in the game, I would like to see the day when where asking for more dps players instead because we have so many healer mains. Its a big issue and I wish we had a lot more not just 1
Where's Ana and Doomfist?

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