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11/07/2017 06:40 PMPosted by daedalus

She’d be soo annoying to fight against her morphing in and out of her morphball and laying bombs everywhere. Plus her damn Screw Attack is basically a Genji double jump that damages you.

...Not to mention all her beams and missiles. She’d be so op.
Well for the purposes of the game they could probably tone it down to just her basic kit if they were to add her, Power beam (Charge beam), Missile on CD (lock on maybe), Space Jump, and maybe Power Bomb as an ultimate.
Iron Man would kind of fit in.

Think about it,
- the high tech environment
- he fights against superior AIs in many of his timelines as the primary enemy, just like OW does the omnics
- he shoots rockets, can fly and has a full armor body suit so he's already got that in common with Pharah
- he's a genius scientist so he has that in common with Mercy, Winston and Moira
- he's used to war so he has that in common with much of the cast
Gul'Dan is already here as Moira.
The mail man from Fallout New Vegas. Think about it.
11/07/2017 06:51 PMPosted by DrIDGAF
11/07/2017 06:47 PMPosted by NotTracer
I would go mgs5 ocelot

That’s just another McCree
Guess we got a good idea for a skin, and/or voice line(s) then.
11/07/2017 07:01 PMPosted by XodiaK
11/07/2017 06:51 PMPosted by DrIDGAF

That’s just another McCree
Guess we got a good idea for a skin, and/or voice line(s) then.
I pray for this to come true!
Edgar from FFVI
Barret from FFVII
Balthier from FFXII
Blue Eyes White Dragon

Wait even better the dog from Duck Hunt or Clyde from Pac Man
Don't think he'd fit the OW team but I would pay real money for Alarak, because a) highlord, and b) going by Hots, the concept of a high-risk/high-reward playstyle that revolves around snowballing by getting kills while still having counterplay is too good to pass up.

Also a silence would be great against flankers.
Zer0 and/or Sephiroth

Baymax lol
Faith from Mirror's Edge.

(That's the only one I can think of at the moment.)
master chief

or Diablo (Lord of terror skin) as i want a proper melee character
Titanfall Pilot.

They don't fit the tone at all, I'd just have more fun playing Titanfall.
I want Ash and Mal Damba from Paladins
The Teletubbies
Barret Wallace from Final Fantasy or Dante from Devil may Cry
Zer0 from Borderlands 2

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