Moira Ult To Re-Fill Heal Resource

PTR Feedback
It would be great to use Moira's Coalesence to recharge her healing meter.

    Possible changes to ultimate:
    A) If we have to compromise, change the mega beam to only self-heal if you are either:
    1)damaging an enemy
    2)healing an ally

    B) allow Moira to refill her healing resource when she deals damage with the beam

    C) allow Moira to shift out of her ultimate

    D) change the opacity of the ability slightly so you don't blind both you and the enemy.

A simple example on why:
One of the optimal methods to use the ulty currently is to put your allies between you and the enemy to deal damage and heal. Only issue is, if you were low on healing resources going into your ulty, you will come out of it with low resources to heal your team afterwards... And if you were taking advantage of the 30m range, you now have to make up that 10m to get back to right click range to charge the resource.

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