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-Sombra's hack resets when a hacked target dies, her base move speed is increased to the same amount as tracer and genji. Hacked targets cannot regenerate shield health. Allies with shield health can be hacked to make their shields regenerate after 1 second instead of 3, for +30% hps when regenerating. Can hack all allies buildables to give them +30% damage, health, and healing done for 1 minute, and can also hack all enemy buildables to prevent them functioning for the same amount of time. EMP overwrites enemy sombra hac effects. Also her bugs are fixed (lol).

-Reaper's wraith form increases his move speed, and allows movement in every direction (including upwards). Shadowstep is reworked into something actually useful.

-Tracer recall is changed so it returns ur health to exactly what it was 3 seconds ago, even if that is lower health than what u had before using it

-Genji's Deflect no longer deflects energy projectiles, but deflect is now on a resource meter, AND triple jump is brought back

-Soldier sprint is put on resource meter

-The damage from Widow's mine is reduced to 10 dps from 15, BUT both the damage and wall hax last for 10 seconds also. Scoped final blows reset the duration of both grapple hook and infrasight (whilst infra-sight is active).

-Hanzo is given a generous amount of ammo instead of infinite ammo, say 100, with five reloads allowed before arrows must be picked up of enemies. Scatter is nerfed so that it can only achieve max damage by bouncing off more than 2 surfaces (to achieve its goal of killing enemies in concealed areas and not openly sniping tanks) BUT at least 3 new utility arrows are added e.g. poison arrows, or arrows that reduces the target's damage done, low damage homing arrows, etc. and he is given an alt fire ability that lets him zoom in.

-Self damage is introduced by junkrat's bombs (except the mines), and he can now have up to 3 traps which can all be deployed at once (like Sym's turrets). Other forms of traps are added also which Junrat can scroll between, like tripwires that slow tripped enemy movement speed by 70%, electric/burning traps (electric for Dr. Junk skin) that add DOT, and more (depends what jukrat players like most).

-Torb can place turret on any surface a sym turret could go, and up to three turrets can be put down. Turrets are no longer on cooldown, but cost a certain amount of scrap instead, and can be deconstructed for scrap at any time. Destroyed enemy buildables also provide 50% scrap of the normal amount from a killed enemy (even widow's mine and junkrat's buildables), and heroes with armor or shield health produce 50% extra scrap (this applies to enemies with shields/armor they only have because of an enemy sym/torb also). Torb can also have different kinds of turrets as opposed to just damage ones, all of which improve when in Molten Core.

-Bastion's ironclad is increased to 30% damage reduction, self damage from ult decreased, headshots allowed

-Mei's fall off damage is removed for her secondary fire, and iceblock self-healing goes from 20 hps -> 50 (so she can almost fully heal herself) seconds. All healers can heal her in this form, and the range of her primary is reduced to 5 meters. Her freezing effects happens 50% quicker, both primary fire and ult.

-Orisa's fortify put on resource meter with 4 seconds max. uptime. Damage done to her barriers refills this meter. Halt detach radius increased to 14 meters, and ammo size increased back to the original 200 she had at release.

-DVA's DM max uptime increased to 3 seconds, self damage from ult reintroduced

-Zarya's secondary fire knocks back more, increasing as her charge does to the point where max. charge Zarya m2 is the same as the knockback from Pharahs concussive blast. Also her assist kills are tracked (they don't seem to be atm).

-Mercy's old ult is brought back (w/invincibility), and Valkyrie is put on her E instead, and as a resource meter ability, with an uptime similar to DVA's defense matrix (old or new, whatever is less OP). Res range is the same as now (so tiny), and LOS required.

-Ana's damage and healing are both brought down to a flat 50, BUT she gains the ability to both headshot and charge shots (healing and damage), for ~250 max. damage/healing per fully charged headshot. Her ammo size is increased, speed boost is returned to nano boost, and nano also boosts the target's healing done by 50% too. Biotic grenade duration has a heal over time effect added that lasts as long as the cooldown also, doing 15 hps naturally (and 22.5 whilst bionade's heal boost is active).

-Zen is given a passive to make him more effective (idk what, whatever the Zenyatta players want most if anything)

-Lucio's sound barrier increases in strength depending on how high he drops the beat from, providing up to 6000 extra shields assuming he drops from the top of the Hollywood first point elevator. Soundwave knocks him back too now, and both him and enemies are knocked back as much as junkrat mine if aiming is optimal, allowing him to do crazy ground and wall jumps

-Moira's old targeting for secondary fire is returned

-Hog heal ability put on resource meter so he can tank damage more

-Range of Symmetra's primary is reduced to 5 m lock on (detach remains the same) but both firing modes can now target friendly barriers to restore barrier health equal to the damage of the firing mode (120 per sec primary, 125 per max. charge orb secondary), and target anything with shield health (buildable or ally) to restore shield health equal to her charge level. All these actions charge her up, and she can feed off enemy Mei walls again (but not ally). Sym is given a passive that targets all allies in a 30 meter LOS of her, increasing the effectiveness of all buffs they provide by 50% e.g. Mercy dmg boost & Zen discord orb would be 50% damage increase instead, Lucio's speed boost would be about 50-112.5 % move speed increase, and Ana's heal nade would increase target healing taken by 75%. Teleporter has 10 charges, but ultimate generation nerfed by 33%. Photon barrier cd reduced to 6 seconds, can be charged to travel at slower move speed the more it is charged, and bestows 75 decaying shields to allies & sym herself that it passes a 15 m radius of, which decay over 6 seconds. New types of utility turrets are added that sym can choose between
Delete "poor teamwork" option from report.
11/29/2017 05:44 AMPosted by ShinyPants
-Tracer recall is changed so it returns ur health to exactly what it was 3 seconds ago, even if that is lower health than what u had before using it

Jesus, this is actually a good way of fixing Tracer. Fantastic idea.
I will start a new development team working on PvE part of this game,
just like StarCraft II's Co-op, each hero can level up and gain op upgrades
(E.g., During McCree's deadeye, all enemies vision range is reduced to 10 meters and the effect last 10 seconds).
In return, players will face some serious challenges depends on the difficulties.

Mission packs are free, but each hero for PvE mode needs to be purchased to cover the development cost.
Pitch my ideas, get told I don't get paid to think and if I 'act up' again I'll be packing up my work space.

After all, not all Devs get to just change things in the game b/c they want to xD
Fix Genji deflect
Widow scope in and out a little bit faster
Moire dmg nerf only a little
Orisa shield CD increased
Nerf everyone so they don't have any weapons, just their fists.
maps and game modes
  • Add a permanent "Widow only" mode to the arcade so hopefully the sweaty sniper tryhards are contained.
  • Make junkrat mines have splash falloff, and do only 100 damage max when detonated in the air
  • Remove one fragment from scatter arrow
  • make Sombra's gun more accurate if she has an active hack going
  • Add 1 second to deflect cooldown, and clean up its visuals
  • Make the input for Seismic Slam hold-and-release, and increase Rocket Punch hitbox by a little bit.
  • Increase size of Mei's ult slightly
  • Make it so that "over-repairing" a level 1 torb turret goes toward upgrading it.
  • Drastically reduce cast-time for sound-barrier
  • Start work on a looking-for-group system
  • Get the voice-actors to record "wait for me" and "I can heal you" lines, and add it to the comms wheel
  • make things that require centre-of-mass to be visible, be able to lock onto to any visible part of a hitbox.
- Postpone every cosmetic change until all known bugs are fixed.
- Focus on releasing new maps, heroes and mechanics.
comp: addition of 2-2-2 que. addition of a draft que with pre draft vote ban.
quickplay: addition of a practice que for comp, to be held to the same standards as comp. using comp SR for balance.

MMR/rank: straight W/L. bronze= 25 sr for a win, -20SR for a loss.
gm= -25SR for a loss, 25-20 SR for a win, win SR gains decreasing the higher in GM you climb.
all other ranks: 25 SR for a win, -25 SR for a loss.
match maker pulls from a pool no greater than 250 SR, balances teams to be as close as possible based on SR.
if MMR detects someone seriously over performing for the rank the are in, bonus SR will be given.
if MMR detects someone seriously under performing over a period of 20 games, account flagged to be reviewed for deranking, client made aware.

clear set of standards for comp.
ability to record voice and text chat added to ease reporting of griefing/flaming.
no reporting for hero choice allowed in the first 1.5 minutes of a match.
players reported for hero choice will have game statistics captured at to be evaluated against the teams to help prevent false reporting.
no player can be asked to fill a role they cannot, or asked to play a hero they dont play well specifically, ie "go mercy" however having the ability to play at least 3 heroes is expected.
- remove the medals
- reset mercys nerfs, nerf her current ult in one way or another and place rez to resource based (imagine torbs scrap only with "damage boosted" gauge, so her damage boost becomes an important part of mastering mercy and making decisions).
- Create separate Hero Balancing between Comp and every other mode. Split them so what is OP in comp is not removed entirely for QP or Arcade. (Does not apply to full reworks of a kit, just balance changes done for Comp reasons.)

- Doomfixt (see the horrible thing I did there): Increase hit box slight, give Doomfist a shock wave ability that affects those he bare-misses with his fist. (Slight knock back or stun). Lower the Damage drop off on Meteor Strike. Inner Circle: 500, First Ring: 300, Second Ring: 200

- Give Solider the Support Ability to see the Health of teammates so he can drop Biotic where it's needed most.

-Sombra's gun now has a tighter cone and she no longer makes a sound or shouts a voice line when coming out of Stealth

-Add functionality to Torbjorn's Turret so that Armor Packs can be added to it and used as a temporary repair that can be thrown at the turret.

-Sym can now hold her shield by holding it's button down, and then release it with the button release. *Cannot fire while doing this* Change Turret Functionality. Primary Fire places Attack Turret. Secondary Fire places Shield Turret. Shield turrets increase Shield Recharge, do not actually add extra shields.
Attack turrets count as 1, Shield Turrets counts 2 (Max: 3)

-Mei can shoot the ground to give herself her Ice Slide ability from her Highlight Intro. Make the glitched Single Column Ice Wall an actual part of the ability. Horizontal Ice walls (can be used to stop wall climbers and wall riding Lucio) Remove uncharacteristic Icicle Spike, replace with a Charged Snowball attack that causes partial (20%) freeze and does half the damage the icicle did.

-Hanzo: Change Scatter arrow into a Bomb. Fired arrow sticks in surface like Sonic Arrow and is exploded into normal ricocheting bits by secondary button push. No despawn timer, just like Junkrat's Mines. Still active after death.

-Orisa: Change her melee to the Energy Sword from the Reinhardt video.

-Add a Damage over Time, AoE character. Defensive Role. Character has short range personal attack with abilties that add a DoT effect to players from attack as well as being able to create small AoE DoT effects on the ground. Think in terms of a Molotov, where an area would be on fire for a small amount of time and standing in it would cause damage to the enemy. This goes toward my own concept of the character which would be a Fire user.

-Make Damage by own explosions at one Standard. Either everyone is damaged by their own explosions or no one is. Currently: Soldier, Bastion Zarya and Pharah hurt themselves, Junkrat and D.Va do not. Personally I would be for No Friendly Fire.

-Add Non-Event Horde or Multi Objective PvE style game types to the Custom Game lobby. Rework existing maps to accommodate these.
11/29/2017 08:09 AMPosted by RoadWulf
Give Solider the Support Ability to see the Health of teammates so he can drop Biotic where it's needed most.

you can actually cofigure that yourself in the settings.
Rework Sym.
Go into Perforce or whatever version control they use and delete anything relating to Genji.
Delete all defensive heroes and start over by making them assassins
Actually make every character not a troll pick.

Boom, all problems fixed.
Place Mobawatch back into the Arcade on the PTR, but with some changes.

- At the start of the round, there is a draft and ban session. Each player gets 1 minute to pick a hero, and then can switch only twice in the match. Each team gets 1-2 bans, if 2 the 2 bans can't be in the same category. Teams must have at least 1-tank, 2-support, and at most 3-dps.

- Switching mid match doesn't reset the ult charge fully, but reduces it to 30% of it's value when you switch.

- Use the data gathered from this to determine whether or not to implement this style of drafting in comp. Then test on the PTR.
11/28/2017 07:23 AMPosted by akulani
What changes will you try to push? Nerfs, buffs, reworks, new heroes, etc.

As if Devs get to make those decisions :(

Either way, top 4 would probably be:
>Doomfist rework of 'e' and fix hitbox on his mb2. Also probably reduce landing time of ult so that people have less time to react.

>Matchmaking takes latecy into account and will try not to pair you with people with more than 200 ms over yourself.

>Sombra rework to lower weapon spread, remove delay on firing after coming out of stealth, and remove hack breaking on damage.

>Mei rework to increase cone size of mb1, remove damage fall off on mb2, maybe do something nuts with her ult? Like make it work like Riptire so you can pilot it around for a few seconds before settling on where to activate it as well as decrease the time it takes to freeze an enemy (on ult only, not MB1). That might make it a better zoning tool.

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