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Every single time I look for a game of "quick" play, I have to sit for five minutes to find a match. This is embarrassing for a game with as many active players as Overwatch. You would think that the saving grace would be quality matches, but they're almost always complete one sided, unsatisfying rolls. It basically comes down which team got the GMs versus which team got the diamonds. If you're going to make me queue for 5 minutes, at least make the match balanced.

So incredibly sick of trying to level up when I spend as much time looking for a game as I do actually playing one.
Are you smurfing? You are still a new account and if you have any idea on how to play the game and do very well. The system gets confused where to put you. Because you are a brand new account yet your hidden MMR is probably very high.

Maybe you are not smurfing either way if you are really good at the game at such a low level the game just takes longer to decide where to put you in matches.

You can avoid this easily by playing with any of your friends. Queue times will be better or at least they should.
I get 10-15 min queues and the games I usually join games as a backfill anyways.

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