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Because no one would shoot Pharah.
For McCree, years of deagle practice in CS made him feel familiar. For Hanzo, the Elder scolls games I always play a stealth bow character. And Hanzo at least had a bow.
I like helping people and the feeling of being needed and useful. Mercy forever
For me, it's hard to just sit around when there's someone out there who needs to be blown up.
Because I'm gay.

Jk. Everything about Tracer rings to me. The speed, time-traveling aspect, personality. I've always been as assassin type in MMOs/RPGs. Speed/time-traveling was always my go-to super powers. The first sentence just adds to all of the above.
Bastion was the first hero that drew me to Overwatch, both for his design, his story, and his gameplay. When I first bought Overwatch, the only thing on my mind was to play Bastion a lot.

Reinhardt was the second hero I picked for some variety, and I picked him for his design as well, but I got into his gameplay. Seeing the Balderich skins convinced me to keep on playing Rein, and when those skins were released, I immediately bought them and used them.

Lucio was my go-to healer after numerous games made it obvious to me that I had to go pick a healer just to help the team. Lucio is thankfully easy to learn, and I warmed up to him after a while.

Winston was my next tank pick, and I only picked him up initially to deal with Genjis after having enough of them. Gradually I came to understand his toolkit better in order to use him much more effectively, and now he's my go-to tank against squishy comps.

Mercy was my second go-to healer initially, but now she's my main healer pick. I had tried her originally but never got used to her, but then in comp in season 4, a teammate insisted that he wanted a Mercy on the team, so I went Mercy and did pretty well on her, which made me a bit more confident in using her. I begun to use Mercy more to do Pharmercy combos with whatever Pharah player was on my team, and through the comp experience, I learned Mercy fully.

Junkrat is my most recent new main, picked because I wanted to learn another DPS after feeling fatigued from playing tank/healer. Junkrat's playstyle has always seemed amusing to me, but I never got used to him after some initial tries, but with some determination, I picked him lots in quickplay to learn him, and now I'm having a lot of fun with him.

She's an all purpose tank, mostly counters Junkrat, counters Rein/Dva eventually.

As long as she doesn't get dived on without backup, she can live forever.

Probably better than Rein as a solo tank.
11/30/2017 10:05 AMPosted by Manular
What brought you to them? Story, gameplay, both?

Dva- doesn't reqiere much aim, really cute voice lines, I have the aniversary skin, very fun to play
I love Ana’s lore and background. She’s just super badass!

Honorable Mention to Doomfist. Coolest and most interesting Villian I’ve ever seen in a video game so far.
I grew up on Doom 1 and 2 when I was a little kid thanks to my dad. Tracer fills that sort of feel of run and gun shooters that I just immensely enjoy over the run-of-the-mill point A to B shooters that just flood the market. It isn’t a one to one comparison, but hey. Shoot it til it dies has worked for me as Tracer for the most part.
Ironically enough when the game was first announced and we were looking over heroes I was completely against playing Tracer. I figured it would be way too chaotic for me as I generally like slower methodical gameplay in shooters. I was deadset on maining Widow or Pharah.

I don't even remember what got me playing her. It was a solid 50 hours or so before I became a Tracer main. And then like over a weekend it happened. She's just so consistent. Yeah you can die to dumb stuff, a lot, but her ability to dive and murder and recall out made it easier for me to carry my bad friends who couldn't kill healers.

tl;dr: I like how much control I have over the fight with Tracer. Her speed allows her to be anywhere she needs to be.
Sombra, cuz her attitude is badass, her boopness and I am an internet troll at times and her hacking gameplay fits with the trolling.

In comp, it's more Rein and that's because HONOR, JUSTICE, REINHARDT REINHARDT REINHARDT HAHA!
11/30/2017 10:05 AMPosted by Manular
What brought you to them? Story, gameplay, both?

I’m a sadomasochist.
11/30/2017 12:43 PMPosted by SidewaysGts
11/30/2017 10:05 AMPosted by Manular
What brought you to them? Story, gameplay, both?

I’m a sadomasochist.

11/30/2017 10:05 AMPosted by Manular
What brought you to them? Story, gameplay, both?

I consider my main to be D.VA, despite Mercy topping her by a few hours,
I only played Mercy to fill as I found myself often having to solo heal, in solo queue competitive and she was practically the only reliable solo healer for quite some times especially if your teammates tend to eat their own sh*t.
But I main D.va because she's cute, a bit cringy, but still cute.
and gives me a good excuse to spam evangelion music.

When he first came out I was interested in him and have been playing him since in random amounts. Typically smaller ones like 2 hours a season (I've never spent more than 12 hours on a character in any given season.) Despite the nerfs and bugs and whatnot. I was just your average Flex player who couldn't exactly find a main but really liked to play a lot of people.

For some odd reason I felt compelled to play him around mid last month or so. Specifically in Comp. I eventually started to have....FUN. I remember the exact moment I realized it really. Severely damaging a Winston and knocking 3 people at a time off a ledge and gaining INSTANT FIRE AND ULT CHARGE ON OASIS UNIVERSITY! IT WAS MENTAL!

Don't get me wrong, I have a lot of characters I play that can be pretty alright to play but it's super hard to say what fun is for me. I qualify it as "If it made me laugh, I could truly say it's fun." A great example (That people are probably gonna give me crap for in some way) Is Ruckus from Paladins. He started off as a hate for me until I tried his Lengendary card Aerial Assault. Jumping over life threatening ultimates that can literally 1 shot a tank as if I'm playing Jump rope is one of those things that KILLS ME!

Anything in a game that can honestly make me laugh is something POWERFUL, Something HYSTERICAL, something that a guy like me who rarely truly cracks up finds to be a rare gem. I decided to main Doomfist despite the bugs and hatred simply because I knew at that moment that anyone else simply wouldn't give me the same experience. I'd probably be called a troll (I have by the way despite my pretty decent win rate at 70-ish%) but I honestly don't care.
Zenyatta's character design is one of my favorite things in Overwatch and I absolutely love how he is also an omnic monk like how cool is that?!

I definitely wait to hear more about Zenyatta's lore and how he also met Genji and helped him to gain balance.

Zenyatta being a monk and peaceful fellow also shows in gameplay too and I love it!

Usually you are in hurry and rushing on things but playing Zenyatta forces you to slow down a little bit and think more how to play than just play and think later that what you just did was stupid move like running on dying Junkrat's bombs or falling on traps :'D

Also throwing balls for other players is useful and the discord orb also gives a chance to help your team to make more damage or kill someone on your own with it.

People also usually don't expect Zenyatta to attack so much so it is nice to surprise them by doing that thought after that they do know to be more wary.

I just love this omnic monk okay? So precious and even though Zenyatta is very squishy and easy to kill it which sometimes is frustrating because playing Zenyatta you KNOW you can not escape for example from Mei's deadly freezing ice so that is very annoying but that also makes very important to stick together with your team! (Unless they split out and run away 8'D)
Tracers voice and personality and Sinatraa's beautiful aimbot-like pulse bomb flicks
Being a Quake player beforehand, Zarya's tracking gun was reminiscent of Quake's lightning gun which has always been my go to gun to use in Quake games and the one I had most success with so Zarya's weapon caught my eye when I first started. I didn't initially enjoy playing her because I didn't understand how to build up charge and how game changing a good grav could be, so in the beginning I used to play characters like Reaper/Sombra/Hog, etc. Well, a few months on and many buttkickings later, and she's now my main and if I can I play her exclusively in competitive as I feel the most confident with her. In the right hands, she can be very powerful.

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