When to flank as genji

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I’m pretty new to genji I only have a few hours on him. I’m having a problem of knowing when and when not to flank. When I try to flank I usually end up dying. Any tips?
Basically target out of position supports/dps and you should do fine.
As a support main who has to deal with annoying !@# flankers, the best time to flank imo is when a team fight has already been initiated. Everybody else is fighting and distracted so you go in and disrupt their backline, wether it be getting a pick or just annoying the supports. This will either cause the enemy team to peel back and allow your team to push more effectively.
Other than that it's probably alright to do it whenever if your building ult but don't overextended yourself and have no easy route to escape. Your support won't be able to heal you and you'll end up feeding the enemy ult charge.
If you are in a map with a lot of high ground, abuse the environment to your advantage.

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