Random disconnect

Bug Report
I was playing competitive 2 seconds ago when I was disconnected randomly from the match, and because the match just started I got penalized for leaving early.
I played two games today and twice i was kicked out and disconnected for no reason. the first time i got and hour and a half penalty and the second time got 7hours penalty.
The games was about 5 minutes in.
Happened to me just now. My ping spiked second round into the game and I got disconnected- that's fine. However, despite being a few minutes into the match when the dc happened, I couldn't reconnect as I was "suspended". My ping was completely fine from when the spike ended (and it only lasted for about 10-15s) and I still had no way to rejoin the match. This happened in a competitive match and I lost the 50 SR as intended.
its happening to everyone and blizzard don't say anything about that.

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