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Darkseid has always been my favorite villain ever since I first saw him in the Superman animated series and the Justice League/JL Unlimited episodes.
When I was 8 I fell from a 2 story window. I landed on the back of my neck and head, partially on a concrete slab patio. I was on life support for a week and don't remember a thing about it. So once I started playing online, I came up with this name, the OW is Of Window.
I was able to pop off Resurrect on call before it got turned into an ability. I had 3 and 4 man rezzes almost every team fight.
my friend changed his name to a jojo name so i went along with it and we'd duo as killerqueen and starplatinum, he ended up changing his name and i have many regrets.
Mine is a play on my surname.
I had quite a few TF2 accounts for idling waaaay back when that was a thing and I daytraded fulltime and I couldn't remember them all so they needed similar names that weren't just $NAME$NUMBER

I'm also a [redacted] nerd.


The tree branches off quite a bit but I don't use those names here.
In 1981, a guy I worked with gave me the nickname " Easy Monie". It has stuck with me ever since then.
My xbox gamertag is rainin needles

I used to play alot of halo and the needler was by far my favorite weapon. Halo had a system in multiplayer when you killed someone you briefly got to hear them through the Mic. I was wrecking with the needler one day and after I killed a dude I hear him say "man this mother!@#$er is raining needles on me!"

I loved it and changed my tag immediately.
early 2005 I played halo 2 online I would always get called a scrub for being bad. so I got use to it and changed my name to iscrubstatus to never forget how bad I was and still am lol.
I am named after a south Australia flavoured milk
I like Genji noodle dragon memes where it’s derpy and bleps a lot.
I wanted a name that is a bit of a joke so I thought up this one.
With implying that I think that lemons are alive I can make a lot of jokes based on that like for example that I kill lemons in their sleep and then drink their bodily fluids.
Possibilities are endless.
Also one said to join me on my mission once, I have him in my friendslist but I don't remember which one it really was that said that, sadly.
I was quite amused by that I was able to claim that I'm the leader of a lemonkiller cult (not REALLY a cult though, just for fun).
L.A.G. are my Initials, and of course they spell out the one thing that everyone hates. So my name was always LAG (With a varying amount of A's) so that it would show up in kill feeds as someone being killed by their bad connection. Lol, I'm so original.

My PSN account is LAAAAAG5, the 5 being the amount of A's, but people started pronouncing it as an S, so people called me Lags.

When I decided to make a battlenet account I accounted for the fact that I have legendary lag spikes and that I play tank.

Hence the name, the chivalrous sirLAG5alot
hi lol my irl name is brady nice to meet u all :)
Anyone else played Saint's Row 2 back in the day?
i don't know man
i don't even sell insurance

i think it was my clash royale username?
12/10/2017 07:49 PMPosted by StarPlatinum
my friend changed his name to a jojo name so i went along with it and we'd duo as killerqueen and starplatinum, he ended up changing his name and i have many regrets.

big big problem tho
they are primarily from different parts; he should've been silverchariot or somethin
My last name is Ando, so I made that my name in previous games. People kept saying "An-dew" instead of "An-doh" so I phonetically spelt it out so people can say it right. :P
I was trying to come up with my PSN tag a few years ago. Couldn't think of anything good. My mom suggested this, and I took it, because I love it.
I'm Asian.

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