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I'm sorry for the latest update, I appreciate the hard work of those who have done a great job keeping alive your allies, keep forward and remember you are the ones that make Mercy great and not the other way, from an ex D. Va main good luck.

Screw all those boosted Mercies.
I feel like everyone is having a funeral for someone who faked their own death.
Many dedicated Mercy mains have left, and the community loves it. sad.

With me gone now, I have more time to work on my car in my free time, I might get an MSD ingition, or do a twin carb swap.
Thanks friendo. I'm probably just going to take a small break and just focus on Moria and Lucio before touching Mercy again. It just doesn't feel right.
11/16/2017 11:59 AMPosted by Whiskeyjack
I feel like everyone is having a funeral for someone who faked their own death.

'2 Weeks later'

"Surprise everyone! I still almost have a 100% pickrate you all miss me?"
The slowdown is legitimately gross to deal with. It's nice to be appreciated but clearly weren't that appreciated, just Comp scapegoats.

So i'm here to melt faces and heal myself in the process.
Indeed, it's a real shame. :/ I'm still annoyed at the arrogance of calling Mercy 2.0 a "success". You can't balance a powerful ultimate as a regular ability, you just can't.
Even with an overnerfed Rez, Mercy is still going to be the default main pick once the Moira craze passes. She is an easy hero to get into and learn the basics of for high healing/support effect. She will never be entirely unpopular (2 weeks of Moira craze aside)
I have grow to hate playing mercy since her 2.0 go live but being force to play her for almost every comp game. This nerf may be my chance to finally be able to play a senior german guy againt so i think it a bitter sweet ending.
R.i.p Mercy meta
it'll halt the dominance for once.
They will nerf her again when tanks will learn how to turtle bodies.
mercy is still fine :)

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