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11/30/2017 12:50 AMPosted by Energin
Just wondering if you're looking into the bug where a character is behind a corner from doomfist's rocket punch, and he punches the corner and still hits the character.

I've died to this a few times, where I've essentially gotten into cover and the doomfist ends up punching the wall I'm hiding behind and it kills me. I don't even need to be touching the wall either, I can be a couple of meters back.
that is probably a favour the shooter issue
Thanks a lot for this, Geoff.

Wondering though: have you also heard the feedback that tuning changes are far too infrequent? Also, will any of this change what it feels like for the player facing Doomfist? I find when I'm playing McCree for example that it feels very awkward when he's rocket punching me - it's not intuitive when to flash at all because it's almost like there are frames missing.
So it's a change DF will be more constant again xd
Awesome Geoff, this is incredible work that is a welcome change on a hero who is very much struggling to find his place in the game currently. I'm testing the hero on the PTR as of right now.

The 45 degree angle seems more intuitive at the moment to consistently get your punches to connect with walls. I have a better idea when it's going to work and when it isn't, so this is a huge change (as you said).

The minimum slide distance of 48/49 damage seems fair and will just take some getting used to in finding the position he will end up when going up stairs. Sliding too far doesn't seem to be an issue as you can still do a 180 and hit the target if you slide past them. The damage is also consistent with his slam on a flat surface, which will make the abilities damage feel more consistent (consistency is the name of the game for him right now, it seems). The animation seems to have a bug currently (at least in first person) where he looks like he's just floating forward with his hands held in front of him like he is simply standing still when using seismic slam up a slope.

Another visual bug currently is that if Doomfist uses a rocket punch directly into another rocket punch after hitting something, (i.e., from lowered cooldowns) he doesn't do the charge animation on the second punch.

I cannot seem to break any objects on any maps currently with any of his abilities besides melee and primary fire. It seems to act like it did previously. None of the road signs seem to care that I can level a skyscraper. :(
A small thing on this, some rails cause Doomfist to fly over them, while others stop him. This kind of inconsistency can be a problem for knowing where you'll end up after rocket punching. As a result, if they do end being breakable, it will probably fix that. The short rails seem to cause him to fly off them (which, with Doomfist's temperment, I'd like to see him "fly off the rails" more, but that's another story). :)

This isn't necessarily a bug, but I believe would help with his consistency in his general kit. When you are airborne and attempt to do a seismic slam, if you cannot see the cone shape on the ground, the ability will simply not trigger when cast. This results in button mashing and attempting to find the max distance possible by bringing the mouse down until it shows up while mashing. Just like all of his other abilities that let you hold the button to cast ASAP, if holding seismic slam's button down in the air, it should trigger the instant the cone lights up on the ground. Not necessarily a bug fix, but a QoL fix for usability.

As a side note, there's a current bug on the PTR causing flashing screens on any of the "escape button menu", friends/group/recent players menu, options menu, and settings menus in custom games. The overlay that those screens share seems to be causing the issue.

Thank you so much for the detailed work that you do and bringing us more information so we can better test the changes and improvements the Overwatch Team brings to the game.
This is great news. Hope you guys can also fix the ghost punch, thats a big one.
I think thats also the reason for his weird interaction with Reins charge.
Any change for rocket punch into immobile target/genji dash? Seems rather odd dealing 100 dmg (and zero stun) to someone in Junkrat's trap.
Will be possible to dash with the Rocket punsh in all cardinal points? i don't want to dash forward all time as doomfist.
Finally! DF first love. Hope these fixes will make him viable again.
How about some Sombra love since, you know, she came out before Doomfist?
Amazing news.

Just a couple questions - someone please help me out.

Doomfists Primary Fire (His Shotgun) has a different spread for each shot. You can see this when you shoot at a wall, and see the bullets in various positions, is this intentional or is there a specific reason for that? It could often lead to inconsistencies when shooting someone... (As shown here -

And what do the numbers on his Seismic Slam mean? Im assuming the higher the number the greater the damage, but right now it does not play like that. Please correct me if Im wrong. As of now, no matter the number it says it will do a fixed amount of damage..So in reality, you can seismic slam from a floor higher than an enemy and it will say 125, but will do ~50 (Around that number could be wrong). So in summary, the number when activating Seismic Slam mean nothing rn, and there's a fixed based damage when using it. Is that a bug or intentional?

Ty for reading. Looking forward to these DF changes :)
Glad that he is finally getting looked at, but this should not have taken as long as it did. His problems were apparent over 3 months ago, this sort of announcement should have been there 2 months ago at the latest.

I am glad something is happening, but I still find the time frame in which he was a buggy mess and, most importantly, that the fact that he was a buggy mess went uncommented and unacknowledged, as quite unacceptable.

Still, thumbs up that something is finally happening.
When two doomfist punches collide and one was charged significantly longer it should win out.

Its kinda dumb that a tap punch counters a fully charged one.
After the bugs are fixed, is the plan to evaluate his performance then or will Blizzard actually balance the character with appropriate buffs/nerfs in order to make him competitive? As is you nerfed everything that made him fun to play and then left him buggy for months, even Sombra got more changes than Doomfist in order to try to make her viable.
I feel like there's a fantastic gameplay opportunity here with rocket punch VS rocket punch/charge. I'd love it if the impact made a small knock back to all players in the area, a violent explosive reaction between two massive forces.
11/29/2017 06:43 PMPosted by Geoff Goodman
We’ve just updated the PTR today with many bug fixes

EU too? I didn't see any update in my launcher.
I did not receive any update, and my PTR updates are manual instead of automatic, so I know definitely the PTR did not update today, but Doomfist feels better, so some bugfixes might have come out with blizz word PTR.
11/30/2017 03:44 AMPosted by Mel
I did not receive any update, and my PTR updates are manual instead of automatic, so I know definitely the PTR did not update today, but Doomfist feels better, so some bugfixes might have come out with blizz word PTR.

I just punched a Mercy into a wall and she just slided off...

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