What causes toxicity in overwatch?

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Well the Internet in general encourages toxicity due to the anonymity but there are certainly aspects ingame that encourage it even further:

- winning (aka the situation where you probably have the MOST fun) largely depends on your teammates. Even if you work off your a$$, there's still a good chance you'll lose even if only 1-2 teammates do nothing.
=> Solution: Would need radical game changes

- anonymous stats (medals) often lead to false accusations
=> Solution: No stats at all or no anonymous stats

- you can't force anybody to play anything, your influence on the outcome of the match is limited
=> Solution: Choosing a pre-set Meta (like 2-2-2) before starting the game, everybody then has to play what she/he qeued for

- if players just lost a match, there's a good chance they'll be even more toxic in the next game
=> Solution: Forced break (like 4-5 min) after a defeat

- nobody is afraid of the report system, good behaviour doesn't get rewarded
=> Solution: Rework the report/recommend system

As you can see there's a big part where Blizzard could intervene with new ingame features to reduce toxicity to a minimum.
11/23/2017 01:41 AMPosted by IZen4Peace
Lack of trust, poor teamwork/communication, and players with huge egos.
i cant emphasize the trust part.

Every time i go into a solo q gold game and somone picks widow, the first words out of a teammates mouth are "are you sure about the widow pick?".

there is ZERO trust in solo q, infact its opposite, everyone else on your team is garbage until proven otherwise. I believe the root of this problem has to do with the matchmaker itself, i dont trust that the people that im teamed with are actually the skill that the matchmaker says they are.

because of this you have to question the matchmaker itself, did i lose that game because the team i was playing against was just much better? or was it because the team i was playing with was over rated?

until blizzard decides to make a "serious" type of ladder, this issue will always persist. giving handouts to certain people and not others will screw the ladder up into an unrecognizable mess.
Supressed emotions from the unrequited love of their 5th grade crush.
But seriously most hot heads end up being kids.
If you get angry just remove yourself from a situation.... it's when people start ranting at random strangers online that it begins to get sad.
75% players
25% game
the players, people thinking they know everything and thinking that they cant be be the one that are the problem its always everyone else
11/23/2017 01:33 AMPosted by Buzzintate
Is it the players?

Is it the game?

What do you think?

I think a lot of people see how other teams are winning and want to keep that format. But they dont consider that other players dont play or dont main those ‘winning’ characters. Then they get annoyed. What you should be doing is looking at who is strong at which characters and working around them.. thats the fun in the game..

Ok we have a Torb on attack *damn* however he is a Torb main... lets see how we can make this work. Thats exciting rather than SWITCH
11/23/2017 04:33 AMPosted by SneakySquid
Ok we have a Torb on attack *damn* however he is a Torb main... lets see how we can make this work. Thats exciting rather than SWITCH

yay! Let's do this!

*First push the other team puts a lot of pressure, Torb can't maintain his turret up, you get pushed towards your spawn, Torb can't hit anything with his gun*


Yeah, nice work there, buddy.
problem is society.

Parents getting to busy watching TV shows rather than educating their kids
As an old gamer, the problem is the children!

If you play when they are in school, you get game after game of incredible friendly people, even on a loss. Great teamwork, perfect team compositions, and people who are willing to change.

Once the schools kick out its just abysmal.

Still praying for an "i only want to play with adults" option.

And i would be willing to wait 10 minutes for a game to achieve this!
Huge egos and false sense of skill.

Blaming everything and anyone (preferably any off-meta hero that can be called a thrower more easily) but yourself even when you're playing really poorly. Expecting a specific team composition every match and raging the moment you don't get what you want, without providing any flexibility yourself. Not willing to work as a team - someone else can do it, someone else can heal/tank/dps I don't want to, not swapping when it becomes clearly necessary. Thinking you're the best x hero and without you "carrying" on your beloved pick, you'll definitely lose.

It's not you, but it actually is. In Overwatch, to many players their own team is the enemy.
It's a competitive shooter, it's inevitable to have toxic behavior whether we like it or not. That's not to say we shouldn't take actions to prevent or stop toxic behavior. But it is something you should expect to some degree.

I guess you can blame a game to some extent but I think it's a player problem. Most people are competitive. No one likes to lose or perform poorly. And when they do end up losing/performing poorly, they lash out. It's especially common in boys in their early/late teens.
Genji is my understanding ;)
all they have to do is rework matchmaking then toxicity will improve. people grind for hours just to enter a few games with trolls and throwers then the hours grinding are wasted because of one idiot who dosent care, that would tilt anyone. even people who never tilt would indeed tilt!
100% the players, its definitely not Blizzards fault.
People are toxic because they're unhappy with their life, its sadly the truth.. i never saw a happy person complaining about something.
People. People are garbage.
What causes toxicity in overwatch?


Please, do the world a favor and never blame toxicity on anything other than the toxic person. Having a tantrum is only one person's fault. If some guy on the highway has a fit of road rage, it isn't the fault of all the drivers around him, and it isn't the fault of the guy that designed the highway system. It's just the jerk going nuts.
Faulty game design.
There are too many things that can piss you off that you have no control over: from hard counters to bad teammates.
11/23/2017 01:33 AMPosted by Buzzintate
Is it the players?

Is it the game?

What do you think?

A combination of both. Overwatch is designed as a fun, team-based objective, competative FPS

It's a built-in contradiction designed to attract both casuals and die-hard CoD breathing neckbeards.

Put those two together in a head-scratching matchmaking system and "OOOOH BOY!"
It's primarily a combination of game design and then failing to deal with the problems as they came up.

A decade and a half or so back I used to play a game called Combat Arms with around twelve different friends/acquaintances. The game developed a problem where their was a decent number of players that cheated using wall hacks. The problem eventually got to the place where people would complain that everyone was hacking ect. People in my friend group started cheating and by the time people ended up quitting the game 5 of the 12 used the wall hacks.

Only one of the players had cheated in other games before this that I was aware of. Four of the ten had followed the rules in everything else that I knew of but because they felt "everyone else was cheating" that it was okay in this case. The game didn't actually have the majority of the players cheating but, the majority of the people cheating justified it by saying they were.

A sizeable chunk of the population will follow the rules and guidelines as long as they feel they are being enforced and not being ignored.

I also showed some of my IRL friends the game before the hack issue. I'd been worried that some of my online friends at times were not the nicest so I asked them to tone it down. Instead, the problem was my IRL friends turned out to be jerks online at first because of the other games they played apparently that was okay.

People aren't necessarily nice/good but, most will behave that way as long as enough carrots/sticks are perceived to exist.
The players are a constant norm and honestly I don't know where the whole misguided meta worshiping thing came from but Overwatch wasn't the first game where I've seen it to this level.

Having said that though, I honestly believe a large amount of the toxicity rests on the game design and role balance.

The fact the DPS heroes are naturally more desireable to play yet roughly half the team can't play this role then on top of the fact there are more DPS heroes then others? That's begging for toxicity right there. A lot of people not getting the role they want and being at basically the mercy of those who do have what they want which then results in blame game because they actually want to play DPS but are trying to be a team player and it's blowing up in their face? Someone has to lose after all.

Which is then multiplied by the fact that tanks and healers 90% of the time do the same boring thing over and over and function as almost static set pieces for DPS' to compete for play of the game? Yeah. That of course is an oversimplification but the gist has been spelled out numerous times. You only need to look at most esports broadcasts for instance to see this problem, how often are they watching what the tank and healers are doing? Almost never and that's because it's the same drudgery 90% of the time. Don't get me wrong it has it's appeal to some people but it's nowhere near enough to how many tanks/healers are actually needed.

That above all else is why there is so much toxicity. A lot of people not getting the role they want or the team in general lacking roles because so few people actually want to play tank/healer, at least, far fewer the game demands.

There's a lot of big core design problems with the base game of Overwatch even though the packaging in terms of lore, story and characters is excellent.

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