DC in middle of the game

Bug Report
I've been playing comp in 4stack... we were winning, and then 3 of us got disconected, but only 3 of us and it was not internet problem, we were on discord and we were talking to each other.
So, we lost about 50 SR and got suspended, for NO REASON.
Can it be explained to me please ? Cause I have no idea why should i got suspended and lose my SR when it's blizzard fault and not mine.
It happened again....
the same sht happened to me as well. not to me exactly but I was on numbani about an hour ago and everyone in the game except for me and a teammate left the game at the same time. We were playing 2v0 for about a minute before people started rejoining very slowly, first getting a 5v3 before getting another string of disconnects resulting in a 3v1, that later became a 3v3, and a 3v5 again. It was really weird. Apparently the other guy in my team (the other guy that never dc'd) has video footage of it, and he's gonna send it to me later.
Because blizzard likes to punish players when their own servers are !@#$. Happened to me too today.
This happened to me also when I was doing competitive play. Two matches in a row, first match one of my team members 'left'. Second match half of my team, 3 players, 'left' and one of the enemy team 'left', we talked in broadcast and he said he had dc'ed. Why the hell did I meet so many leavers today? There must be a problem with the servers. Please inform us when you've improved it. It's not right that I started my competitive play with two losses due to server problems.

Until then, go quick play guys.
last game as well, a teammate left right before the victory screen, so did 2 players on the enemy team. Rip SR. I got disconnected as well, but only right after the victory screen so I got my SR, but never got to see my potg. I only know I got potg by looking at my highlights.

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