Mercy's Resurrect no longer deducts a point in TDM???

PTR Bug Report

So I'm the same guy who posted the Mercy deducting a point too early in Team Deathmatch bug on reddit a few days ago. Here it is if you want to see it:

I've noticed a pretty big PTR update went live today, no mention about this bug being fixed or what not in the patch notes. So I decided to see if this bug had been fixed silently or not. As I'm testing the bug, I stumble across something even bigger. It appears they've completely removed the "Mercy deducting a point when Rezzing" mechanic all together.

Now, it all happened too quickly, but I need a second opinion on this one. Please tell me someone else sees exactly what I'm seeing and that a point doesn't get deducted before or after I resurrect the Tracer.

Link to the GIF:


This was originally posted on Reddit but decided that here would be a better place to put this potential bug report

Reddit post:

I know that Blizzard are constantly going through iterations on the PTR, but I thought that by posting this on the PTR Bug Reports forum, Blizzard will know about it and maybe post a response as to what's going on?

I've heard absolutely nothing about the original bug I've posted and there's nothing in the patch notes to suggest it has been fixed, so yeah, what's going on?
Is this a bug?
There's an option in the TDM area of custom game settings for how to handle Mercy rez, is that maybe the issue? (Sorry, just saw how old this post is...)
I noticed that its still a bug? No response was given so thought it best to ask here. Has there been any clarification on the change?

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