Why is it bad to call characters Unattractive?

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because they're all hawt
Theres a small bit to unpack here, so Ill try to sum this up.

For starters, people need to understand an opinion vs a demand. To have an opinion like "I think 'X' character isnt attractive" is not wrong to have. It is an opinion, you know, a personal thought about how you feel about something. It may be informed by certain things, but ultimately it is a personal outlook on something. There are those who will come into a thread though and throw down the line "Youre opinion sucks cause 'Y'". Y being anything from some kind of moral argument to shaming the person. Now, it needs to be understood that that TOO is an opinion, and people have a right to voice it as well.

It only becomes an issue when a demand is formed around an opinion. "I want this player reported/banned/etc cause they hold an opinion I dont like." Cause at that point, youre no longer stating just an opinion, but now stating that action should be taken on the basis of your opinion. In reverse, saying things like "We should nerf Genji cause hes OP and in every game!" is an opinion that is demanding action for it.

Why this all matters? Well, when threads do pop up on subjective Topics like Moira's attractiveness, there are people who dont find her attractive and demand a change, while there are also those who will come into the thread and say that the initial opinion is 'vile' and they should be banned from the forums for holding. Normally on teh grounds of a moral belief the banner holds. Now, to be clear, a majority of people simply dont give a F, but as we all know, it is the extremes which usually get their voices projected the loudest. Because of that facet, overtime things eventually devolve into a purity test, where if you dont hold the right opinions, people will attack you for it and make demands against you.

Thats a problem, cause people need to understand that just because someone holds an opinino you personally dont like, doesnt inherently make them an evil person, nor does it give you the right to go ahead and try and ruin their day and call it justified.
I think Moira looks cute

I just dont like her hands
They will read your words but in ther mind they will construct an idea of you .
They think you are saying all hero's should be eyecandy girly's .
, that you prob voted trump and drown puppies.

It is sad that people can't have dialogs anymore.
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Sneaky Krusher, changing your avatar. Almost got me.
Oh my.... thanks! Didn't even notice!

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