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i was playing comp earlier and suddenly just got kicked out from the match due to "no connection" although i checked my red and everything was fine. I came back online but the match was just starting so i got a 10 min ban and lost 50 something SR. also this is not the first time it happened
me too
I was playing comp just now suddenly the server crashes and I lose 100 sr not joking 100 sr
thx blizz
Same, its ridiculous. My internet connection was perfectly fine and it removed me from the match entirely so that i couldn't rejoin even though it would have still been active when i got back on.
Same here. Just got a 6 match penalty from multiple DCs by the server. not to forget the SR lost in the process.
Me too keep disconnecting till now... lose SRs and getting suspended... im from malaysia but playing on america server.. ping was only around 12ms everything is smooth but why m i disconnected?
I also been having this problem since 2 days ago From Malaysia
me too. and so coincidence that it happened mostly during the time almost win or almost lose.
I just got 75% exp reduction because of this. Nice job Blizzard.
i'm from Malaysia as well, this loss connection occur frequently recently.
mostly happen during a large group fight in game
i swear to god blizzard fix ur !@#$, this is unacceptable, we paid for this game, and this is the kind of service u give?
I got a freaking penalty for that. What's up with this fml.
same problem here for 2 days in malaysia and i got the same penalty
same problem for me
From Malaysia here. Same prob. Keeps dc during quick play. Now I have 75% exp reduction for my next 9 matches wtf. This is what I get for paying money to play this game?
same here. Please fix it
Facing the same issues as well. Have been disconnected abruptly mid-match several times in the last couple of weeks, and hit with a -75% XP penalty as a result. There was no preceding ping spike in any of these cases. Am from Malaysia, playing on the NA servers.

Please fix soon.

[EDIT] Just tried playing again today and it happened on the first match I played (QP), luckily had just finished the match when it happened so it didn't count as early leaving. "Disconnected from game server".

If this carries on then I can't play with anyone.
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