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Hi, Im playing from Malaysia using Unifi as my ISP and lately, people who are playing on the similar server and ISP are having serious connection issues that resulted in SR lost and EXP penalties. Mine is 100+SR lost and 20 exp penalties in counting. We can hardly play a game of quick play now.

However according to my friends that are using other ISPs such as TIME and other wireless network providers are saying that they did not experience any server disconnection issues.

I've tried changing to Asian servers which have higher ping, and no disconnection issues whatsoever after a few rounds of quick play.

This is a huge problem for us in Malaysia since Unifi is one of the largest ISPs in the country. Hope your team will look through it. Thanks.
The problem lies with Unifi and it is also affecting many of us Malaysians (based on the countless duplicate posts from Malaysians, yours included). Best to report this on TM Unifi's support page or Facebook on this matter too.
Is this purely a UNIFI's problem though? This issue started happening ever since the recent patch. I'm a UNIFI user too
Unifi replied to me that they also noticed the outage and it is causing slow access through North Asia and South East Asia only. Since Blizzard's server is hosted across the US, Unifi will leave this matter to Blizzard.

In the mean time, the Asian OW server is doing OK (if you don't mind the dysfunctional team work and the lack of English communication to make it an enjoyable playing experience).
Same issue with me. Unifi as my ISP. Not sure if they're related but there have been reports of a severed submarine cable (link taken from another forum posting). Perhaps this is whats causing the frequent disconnects?

Apparently my battle.net app suddenly disconnected and crashed when I was playing on the Asian OW server - report ID : F3CD3E2F-917D-4BAC-A796-328778CB7C50. What a way to crash and burn.

TM hasn't made an official announcement on the severed undersea cable - but it is consistent with downdetector's website report that Singapore, Indonesia and Australia are also affected as well.

Not sure why they ain't any complaints coming from our neighbors above, but the effect was genuinely most 'heart'felt amongst us Malaysians. Even I had difficulty trying to post a reply on Blizzard forums here because it can't load.
Sorry to hear that, I have been playing on the Asia server all day, no disconnection issues
Hey guys, I am a UNIFI user too.. same issue here for me and my friend. Both of us are TM (Unifi) users, we are experiencing lost connection issue during quick play.. ended up with -75% exp penalties..
Same here, hope blizzard tech support can have a look at our issues.
12/11/2017 05:07 AMPosted by Lokimon
Sorry to hear that, I have been playing on the Asia server all day, no disconnection issues

Asian server is just bad... no one speak English at all. Ain't gonna touch it.
I'm not from Malaysia, but from Myanmar on MPT as my ISP playing on Americas server. A lot of people on the same ISP are getting frequently disconnected too. I have lost a ton of SR in competitive due to this.
I have lost A LOT OF SR because of this issue..
Issue still persist on Unifi connection. Always get DC and lost 100SR and banned twice. Sadly this forum is for ranting only. Blizzard never read on our feedback.
Same here, unifi user, constant disconnections , but it’s fine on Asia servers, likely is a fault on blizzard’s sides since only SEA servers are affected.

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