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DC's Separate Player Queue

should be put together in an isolated queue with other people that frequently disconnect, bringing them back into normal queue after two weeks to a month or so. 5 other people shouldn't suffer because of that one guy with bad internet that frequently have disconnections.

Toxic Player Queue

Ppl that projects a lot of toxicity should get the same treatment as well for the purpose of working towards a less toxic competitive community where communication is important
Player pool for only Toxic players? Are you saying that if I'm Toxic enough, when I queue for competitive Overwatch, Blizzard should redirect me to a competitive game of League of Legends instead?
If they're going to go through that much trouble, why not suspend the people who are toxic instead of creating a little space for them? You broke our tos and have been suspended/muted. All it would take.

Only problem is people being falsely reported, but that's a different topic
Re: Toxic players.

Just ban them. Simples.

If you want to actually fix the root cause of toxicity in the game, however, you need to create a system where people are less reliant on others for their placement in the rankings.

Once you reach a stage where x's points are not wholly reliant on y & z's play then two things happen:

First, there's much less point in bemoaning your team's picks and worth as players - you're primarily being judged for your own play.

Second, there's much less point in throwing or leaving - you're only cheating yourself.

Result - far fewer triggers for toxicity and a system that rewards good players.
i agree with you guys, but as shown by blizzard banning ppl for toxicity is something they do carefully, because of this we have a large margin of error and a very toxic community and by my suggestion it would gather every toxic player together with each other while still not banning them while at the same time maintaining a healthy nontoxic community on the other side, which in this specific case would be a specialized queue system
It will be easy when everyone agrees on what “toxic” means.
The devs have addressed the matter that they do not want toxic players in the game whatsoever which is why they are continuing to work to develop the game and the reporting system to be effective to find these players are remove them entirely. Remember there is a feature coming SoonTM that will notify you in-game when your reports have had actions to a player you reported.
Think about how many people play the game on average and how many are toxic... I think its close to 70% from what I am seeing.
Then so be it, i'd rather wait two more minutes if i were guaranteed to meet cool people, but that's what i think, wouldn't you rather have longer queue times rather then playing with !@#$%^-s early?

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