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i was wondering since you can switch heroes in overwatch what happens when say 5 more healers are released people would be able to pick 6 healers and just heal each other to stall the point (i guess its a stupid question, but i don't think too deep before i ask i just leave the thinking to the people who think :P)
A healing meta. Could happen.
As long as there are heroes that can one shot or do really high burst I don't think this will ever be an issue
Healers are Squishy... the worst that coukd happen is that all healers focus on one player... but then you would just take out the ones healing? That would be an easy game.

Theres nothing to say for example that everyone could be a defence character on an attack map. Its how you want to pkay the game
In order to win in this game you need to kill stuff, yeah you could probably stall the last point (if you had a tank healer released) but you wouldn't be able to push through the first one if they had a legit point. Also this strat would be absolutely useless on all other maps.
11/23/2017 04:24 AMPosted by Svvedish
As long as there are heroes that can one shot or do really high burst I don't think this will ever be an issue
And there's Ana to stop the healing
6 healers on point? "Nerf this!"
Or really good Widowmaker/Hanzo poping heads left and right.
I've been a part of matches with 6-support teams. One, I was on the team and we pushed the payload halfway down Dorado. The other, I was against them and we got absolutely scrubbed on Hollywood. It's a viable strategy if the team knows what they're doing.
Teams with all five* supports can get you awesome games, but winning reliably is not included... If the enemy is smart enough to make one or two key switches, it gets impossible to win.

*speaking from my long pre-Moira experience
Actually you should try doing an all support game (before it was 5 support plus a dps). It's hilarious fun and you can win depending on if the enemy team doesn't counter it properly (with a Winston, or Ana, or high dps, etc) or if they simply don't have the aim for the numerous thin models.
It can work.
Have one tank and one dps or two dps

I've been in a few matches recently with 3 or 4 healers and was quite successful. We couldn't be killed. It does require communication but certainly viable.

It works best on payloads though.
You would still have to kill the mercy first.

So nothing would change except how you engage the mercy.

- cheers
they already put a counter into the game for this, Anna.
bastion, junkrat, ana, phara symmetra ...

no damage and no shield won't be viable.
They'll get oneshot and yeah, Ana.
That would be a horrible comp, as there would be no way to protect or damage.
5 healers will never happen. Why? Because 95% of the players are DPS mains that expect you to play around them.
I play a lot of Mystery heroes and a team with 3 healers are usually more powerful than 2-2-2, at least in mystery heroes where enemies can't pick counters and where there are less ultimates. If one of them is Zen it usually also makes up for the lack of damage.

At 4 healers it becomes critical, depending on the situation it can be near unstopable, especially if the other 2 are tanks that generate a lot of ult charge for the healers, however 4 healers lacks damage to do much, so quite often all you can do is stall the enemy until they get their ultimates and wipe your team.

5 healers or even 6 healers has far to little damage to do anything.

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