Matchmaking (role-based and bugs)

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Dear Overwatch team,
I play Overwatch for quite some time on two accounts and
what I see is clearly broken. First, in platinum on 2600-2700 SR everyone is a DPS main with literally no hours on tank heroes or even supports.
In high-diamond - low-masters (3300-3600) everyone is a support main. Today I had 7 games with AT LEAST 4 support mains on my team. Two of them usually mercy-one tricks.
Have you considered a role based queue for solo-players? I think Overwatch has more than enough players to make game-search reasonably fast with this enhancement.
Also I'm including a screenshot of how matchmaking is broken right now.
This is a 3400 game and we had a 520SR guy on our team. His duo partner's highest SR is 3300. How is that even possible?

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