Did this game need competetive?

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Starcraft yes
Hearthstone yes
Diablo no

Imagine qp still playable without Troll picks saying go ranked if your serious and people being less toxic.

Imagine all those gamers playing overwatch in peace
It needed competitive, just, competitive needed to be managed better.
It's the competitive we need, not the competitive we deserve.
11/30/2017 02:59 PMPosted by Ovian
Imagine qp still playable without Troll picks saying go ranked if your serious and people being less toxic.
And you think not having competitive would change this? lmao
I will admit that I kinda miss QP when the game first came out and people actually used comms and tried.
Well, coming from a long term CoD player, what happens to your casual mode when there's no comp available is that it gets sweaty. Very, very sweaty. You'd just be moving the toxicity of comp to QP, which would drive out the casuals, which would make QP even more toxic, repeat ad nauseam. You can see it happen a little in between seasons where QP becomes almost unplayable and you're forced to run meta picks if you don't want to be steamrolled.
Many people are competitive, hell, there's been pleas for ranked play in Destiny; not everybody wants a care free fun environment people like high tensions and ranked play.

+ lol at you thinking competitive brought those ideas on. They'd just be saying 'go to arcade if you want fun and balance'
11/30/2017 02:59 PMPosted by Ovian
QP would be treated the same as it is now but more people would be pissed because there are more people who are competative who hate throwers/people not being serious.
I believe Overwatch needed competitive and even the overwatch league. I don't enjoy competitive play myself, but it is one of the mechanisms they use to keep people coming back to the game. The overwatch league is another thing that keeps people coming back. When e-sport is broadcasted or streamed it attracts players to the game. Considering there's no monthly fee to play the game they need people to be invested in the characters and the game itself so that people will buy lootboxes to customise the character appearance. That is how they make money on this stuff...
Competitive/Mythic/Savage/Trial modes - really any mode that rewards skill is necessary, especially in an online game. It's a good release valve for people that begin hitting challenge walls and need something to push them a little more and can play with people that think like them. If you don't have it, you start losing high end dedicated players and even more casual players because they end up getting grouped up with people that just steamroll them or they're getting abused for not playing the "right way".

Do I think OW's comp is borked. yes. That's why i don't do it. the game pushes people and rewards single player super plays(which is why you get OTPS) but you still actually have to play together to win. it's at odds with itself.
I'd probably quit if it didn't have comp, haven't enjoyed QP in months and nothing in arcade is really good enough to work as a primary game mode.

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