Stop throwing the game on sale, it promotes smurfing.

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Every time this game goes on sale ranked is messed up because all of the smurfs are now playing placements. Enough said. Make them pay the full 40 dollars.
Prob is, every event does the exact same thing.

If I had to wait a few weeks after a sale or event to play overwatch competitive I'd never play. :)

But I do understand what you mean.
It really doesn't help competitive and its toxic nature right now.
Yeah, I had a person literally say that everyone on his team which was plats and diamonds at the time should buy a smurf like him and stomp in Bronze. It was rather frustrating, I don't understand the appeal of ruining the game for other people.

There are many people who believe they belong higher than bronze or silver but then there are those who accept where they currently are and just look forward to improving. It sort of throws a wrench in their plans if there are people throwing to be placed and stay in bronze.
There is no doubt that smurfing is getting out of hand
This honestly is not a problem. :/
I know many people with alt accounts they take less serious but I dont know many REAL smurfs. Perhaps I dont hang around those types of people, but I cant think of anyone on my full friends list that purposefully has an account in bronze or silver when they are normally plat or higher.
I like saving money, keep the sales

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