Won the match and got ban for 10 minutes and lost my points.

Bug Report
So me and my friend was playing this afternoon and we won a match but he didn't get any points and I got punished with ban and point lost. Before this match we were playing and the entire server got disconnect - everyone in the team.

So it's not connection issue its a server thing cause my friend didn't get his point either.

I ask for support in brazil channel and they can not help me. I paid for this game and is not cheap and now i got punished even when I won?
I was talking to a GM yesterday and he said that never heard about ppl getting kicked on the match before then I get here in the foruns and there are plenty of COSTUMERS complaining about same thing.

By the way, 3 ppl got kicked on my last match in competitive.

it's happening all the time in SA region servers. idk about the other servers.
even in quick play i get DC all the time...
no overwatch for us during the weekend... help!

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