What hero are you ashamed to lose to?

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Mercy. Mercy is just embarrassing to die to.

The close second is other Tracers. Even when I'm not playing Tracer. I accept no substituted.
As a Symmetra/Mei/Bastion main, Junkrat counters all three of my top heroes. So when I kill him but accidentally walk over his total mayhem nades and kill myself, the level of humility is too much.

Also, dying to that lone Sym turret you didn't notice.
Dying from Lucio.

If I got booped off a ledge, I'm an idiot for standing there. If he got me from 100 to 0 with just his gun, I feel ashamed for missing my shots lol.
being de-meka'd by a baby dva from full health, hurts when it happens to you, hurts when you pull it off on someone else.
12/06/2017 02:13 AMPosted by Pachuko
junkrat's trap. Just his trap.

So many of my Baby D.VAs die to that thing. Its even more embarrassing when i see the trap sitting there for like 10 seconds while I'm fighting and I STILL HIT IT AND DIE TO IT.
Mirror matchup as Tracer. It's been pointed out before, but the best way to disrupt a Tracer is to challenge their ego, and there's no better way to do that than beating them with their own character. Losing one vs ones against another is the worst feeling. Can genuinely impact me for a few games until I get my confidence back.
12/06/2017 02:03 AMPosted by Sikko
Let's get the obvious "Mercy" answer out the way.

This is why it's always fun to qin as her in ffa. :)

Only symmetra honestly because it boiled down to me engaging to close to her "lawl no aim needed lock on gun" and I could have kept more distance and probably won.



That "fuuuuuu" feeling when you just get headshotted out of nowhere.
Junkrat, when I'm above him in an open area, when he's(supposed to be) at his least effectiveness.
Havent had it myself but i play some genji and tbh I KILL widow and feel embarassed........ im standing still wait him to see me and reflect the shot....
actually, Torb

Specially when he uses THE H A M M E R
i killed a Widow with Mercy from all the way in the point, i bet the widow hates me.
12/06/2017 02:13 AMPosted by Pachuko
junkrat's trap. Just his trap.

I agree with this! But also - Junkrat AFTER he's died. When he explodes and you're low on health and standing too close.
12/06/2017 08:13 AMPosted by All
actually, Torb

Specially when he uses THE H A M M E R

I only learned the other day that he can actually hit other players with the hammer.
moira ult. can snipe with that stuff i swear
yeah baby d.va.

I de-meched d.va as mccree. chased the baby down and died to her cause she backed away accidentally to a healthpack while pew pewing me in the face.

facepalm for days too.
When Im playing Tracer, other Tracers by a landslide.

On any character period, dying to Torb himself is a "Okay wtf am I doing" moment
Ana Sleep Dart.

It can happen... minuscule damage, but it can happen.
Baby D. Va.

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