Petition: Keep 'No Limits' arcade mode forever

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For all of us who still remember when you were able to pick the same heroes multiple times, I think we've all agreed that that change must happen for competitive, then when the change was applied to Quick Play it took some time to adapt but eventually that was the right call.

later 'No Limits' mode was added as an arcade mode which was the perfect way to allow us 'No Limits', please keep it as a permanent arcade mode.

Comment if you agree.
Arcade rotates to keep things "fresh" just learn to live with it. Some people might not Like "No Limits" are they screwed to always have a Mode they don't like? I personally don't mind either way, only Arcade I don't play now is Mystery Heroes because I'm forced to play Winston, the only Hero I can't stand.
With such a vast player base I don't see why it has to rotate.
I mean, we should always have the No Limits, Total Mayhem, Random Heroes and one that changes daily or even better a random brawl mode. like back in the day...

Those should be unrelated to the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 etc...
This account is shared by two people; one who is currently playing No Limits, and one who is going through the forms. We both want No Limits to stay. We both sign this petition.
Mmmm, its a very fun gamemode when you have a group but single q'ers will never find it very fun. And most of the community doesn't group.
this is my go to arcade mode and i'm playing a lot of overwatch, trust me, there's mostly solo q'ers and it's funny how in what suppose to be the stupidest mode we communicate the most (when it comes to arcade games at least...) cause we usually want to have a funny comp like 6 meis or 3 pharahs 3 mercys...

there are people who I am still friends with and play regularly who we met in the old-school qp mode when we decided during the team assemble time to go as 12 torbs.
probably the funniest game I've had in overwatch.

This is a great game mode that should stay. All of them should. No reason to get rid of any of them.
I have no problems at all with keeping NL and other Arcade modes available. I'd even like "All Brawls" with a blacklist option to be brought back.

With NL back in Arcade, Blizzard could finally look at giving MH a one-hero-limit like the the modes which would make that mode more fun as well while giving players who like stacking the chance to do so in a dedicated game mode.

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