Moira is broken and op

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She's not OP. I do think they are either going to tone down her damage range, self heal or main heal to differentiate her more from the other healers.
11/17/2017 10:33 AMPosted by WitchDude
Easily countered by a single Ana's grenade: no leftclick heal, no orb heal, no lifesteal. Easily outdamaged by any flanker. She's just strong with how much much she can do in a period of time thus so interesting to play also
I would still mention her attack range is insane, it feels inconvinient to kill people. Isn't it longer than her heal range?
Fade cleanses the debuff of Bio-Nade, And their CDs are very similar. Burst damage is her greatest weakness
11/17/2017 10:28 AMPosted by PositiveFac
11/17/2017 10:23 AMPosted by SeriScarlet
Ganymede is OP.

Reaper !@# is OP.

Payload is OP
It's weird. I think she's the first character introduced who feels almost perfectly balanced out of the gate; she is fun to play but not frustrating to play against.

If played well she's incredibly evasive and survivable, all while having the flexibility to provide a high amount of burst healing or extra damage via her orbs -- but not both at the same time.

Aside: I see a lot of people playing her who underutilize her healing orb. The healing rate stacks with her heal spray; take advantage of it.
I played Mcree in DM yesterday and found that I could solo her before she was able to take more then half my HP.

I can see where Genji will have issues with her. I think that is also a good thing since Genji needs a more consistant counter.
Her name is OPAF

what do you expect?

We shall nerf her RMB damage to 55 DPS

ppls just not used to deal with her yet, so u think she is op, give it time and rethink
For those looking for an explanation, she literally can send out a ball of death, use her aimbot purple crap and literally follow around people like tanks until they die. On that note, Symmetra does the same thing and she is just super annoying especially in deathmatch.

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