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On PTR it requires almost a pin-point accuracy to damage enemies with Moira's RMB. It is awful, now it is officially the worst weapon in the game. No headshots, pathetic damage, limited range and now also no lock-on.

Blizzard, stop nerfing new heroes until people try them on Competitive. You simply ruin all new heroes, you ruin the fun of the game.
What the point of waiting for 4 month for a new hero if it will be immediately nerfed into unplayable state?

Moira was almost IDEALLY BALANCED HERO! And now you ruin her with no compensations at all.

LIVE Lock-on strength:
PTR Lock-on strength:

I really hope it is a bug, because this change is not in patch notes. We need a response from Devs.
Are you sure it's not a Bug? Also... use the PTR forums, save forum mods the time of having to move it.
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Here it comes, the Doomfist syndrome is real
Am not sure it is a bug or not, but I just compared PTR and Live versions in Practice Range and they are different.
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I hope you're joking...
11/20/2017 03:02 PMPosted by JaneM
On PTR it requires pin-point accuracy to damage enemies with Moira's RMB.

Sounds to me like they're intending on buffing Moira's lockon sensitivity, to make it less hard to aim, but accidentally dialed it down instead of dialing it up.

These things happens.
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Too many flankers got salty about a healer not being a free kill.
Hmm while I think it does need a pretty generous lock I'm also not entirely against something like this. Haven't tried or seen in ptr right now but making it a Little skill based isn't a bad thing as Long as it's still useable
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Oh, Blizzard... we thought you learned...
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Here we go again...
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Jesus Christ why even bother releasing new characters
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Stares into the distance
....... I'll make it work. The faces must melt.
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FFS. If that's true I'm effing done with this game, I'm sick of the flanker pandering, Tracer and Genji actually had a decent counter and now that's getting neutered just like Doomfist.
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Dude seriously? She was very well balanced, and now this? This coming from a genji main btw.
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I don't mind if they increase the skill cap, but the damage and resource generation, should go up if they're gonna curb the accuracy.
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Oh come on...already nerfed? I fear this is going the Doomfist route

Edit: So this post went from people being angry at the nerf to people agreeing with it. What?
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What? Why? It already basically requires you to keep your sights on the other player to work, with a little forgiveness.
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Seriously? Lol if they do, they better increase the damage or Moira’s gonna have a lot of trouble maintaining heals.
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It's unbelievable that people can't even wait ONE WEEK before discussing changes to new heroes and now the developers themselves have gone ahead and nerfed her before it's even been one week since her release.

Very disappointing Blizzard.

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