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I have been searching for months, countless of hours for people who want to do some achievements in Overwatch. Not only the seasonal ones, but character achievements as well.

Especially the "Kill 4 people with this ultimate" types. These are brutal when you reach higher ranks and levels, as people aren't bad enough to stay so clustered during a D.Va bomb for instance.

The easiest way to do these is to queue with a Zarya who will trap the enemy team for you while you ulti (or possibly a Mei).

The problem is, that I asked all my friends, on tons of fansites, on this site and in actual quick play games. I can NEVER find even ONE person who want to do some achivements.

Why is the interest of achievments so low in this game? Are they too hard? Has everyone already done all at lower rank/level when they were easier? Is the reward (sprays) too small?

HOW can a big active game have such a DEAD achievement hunting community. I have no trouble at all finding people for achivements in Diablo 3 or WoW.

What do you think of achievements in Overwatch?

AND does anyone want to do achievements with me? Especially the 4 kills with ultimate ones. We take turns playing Zarya to help each other in Quick play of course!

My battletag is Xade#2318
People don’t really see achievements as a huge part of Overwatch. The reward you get is a spray and a little notification saying <achievement name>
I can't be the only one obsessed with collecting things. :) To gather all sprays, achievements etc and to feel "done" with one character, collectingwise, must be someone more people want?

I have every single unlock in the game, except for a few sprays and golden weapons. Going for 100% achievements is a big deal for me, one could think for more people too.
If you’re looking for someone I’m an achievement hunter as well, I wouldn’t mind grouping up to help each other.
Honestly, since there are some that are practically impossible, I see no reason to actually aim for the rest.
Would love to get the achivement for Lucio.
I have killed more than 3 people in the same life, but I always forget to wallride.
BillyBoy7373, what is your battletag?

ACorpse, yes some are hard, but hardly impossible.

I consider making a detailed achievement guide, as I've done almost all of them, as well as I have researched the rest a lot as well.

The hardest character achivements in my opinion are Doomfists "Hit 6 with meteor strike", as the odds of finding 6 clustered is almost non existing at any time.

The "kill 4 with this ulti" can be easy or very frustrating. I mean even getting ONE kill with D.Vas explosion is hard enough. At least these can be done in group.
TBH - i actually got my achievements by accident - i mean the really tricky ones - like 4 man kill with Widow venom mine or Zen's rapid discord
Th Genji 4 man was thx to Zarya and the easiest at the time - Mercy 4 man rezz i actually TRIED for month to no avail - i never learned to hide for big rezz XD
But as some1 mentioned - in this particular game you don't get that much of a reward for achievs and ppl tend to ignore them
Im in the same boat. I just need Cratered and Rapid discord. Ive asked on other sites and they're either ignored or people reply who dont intend on helping. Plus most people dont care as much. For me its a bit of an ocd thing but I also get great satisfaction from it. I also feel like its proof that I can be good with a character.
VidYena30, those 2 are prolly the hardest, and sadly not much you can do with cratered in a party.


We could do Rapid Discord together! If we use voice communication, you play Zenyatta and I play a strong dps. You call the name of the one you discorded, and we nuke that one together, then you call next quick etc.

What is your battletag? We can start doing it for you :)

My battletag is Xade#2318
I told everyone to die on the point so I can rez them back when Mercy had her old ult and it worked.

Then jeff made a video that basically described what happened immediately after
Xade, I saw your battletag, I’ll add you when I get on tonight!
Aside from event specific ones, I don't really bother with achievements on heroes I don't play.

If they make a super difficult achievement in future events, I'll gladly team up with people (like this year's Junkentstein) but aside from that the normal achievements really don't hold that much incentive.

The "sorry" spray is nice, but we all know how we feel about killing 3 TPs.
I love getting them. I made it a point to get all of the achievements for everyone. I've always offered to help friends with things like playing Zarya for them, or the time I helped a friend get Rapid Discord. (I was more nervous about that one than he was, since it was on me to do the killing, he just had to toss the orbs.)

I'm not on XB1, or I'd gladly join up with you and help out.
I'm not particularly interested in the achievements (XB1), but in the cute and pixel sprays unlocked with them. Especially the cute ones, they are sooooo adorable.

There are some I still don't have, but it's a matter of time.
12/06/2017 09:55 AMPosted by Stephanof
I'm not particularly interested in the achievements (XB1), but in the cute and pixel sprays unlocked with them. Especially the cute ones, they are sooooo adorable.

There are some I still don't have, but it's a matter of time.

Symmetra's cute is my favorite. It is the only cute that's more sass than cute.

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