Upcoming Competitive Play Changes for Season 8

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pinch me if im dreaming
I’m a bad gold player and I love this. It also shows the devs have been listening. Thank you!
Sounds great :D
Looks like they're discouraging one tricking at the higher ranks.

Thank you so much for those changes <3. Hope team play starts being a consistent part of the OW ranked experience.
I think this is a good change to the SR system because now players will not be so obsessed with their SR, and this will cause less frustration and stress, so now you just need to worry about winning the game. Hopefully this makes competitive feel more consistent and enjoyable since everyone's mind will be on winning the match, not SR.
Im so confused. What does this all mean.
Im a master Symmetra, Mercy player. Does that make me unable to climb or what?
Just cause I like only 2 heroes and sometimes I wont switch off Symmetra when some people tell me too. So I guess Im a one trick sometimes in a sense.
Should I just give up on playing the game now or what? If I cant climb.
(This is just how it appears to me, everyone is saying that you cant one trick anymore)

(I was looking for an answer, not a dislike btw)
THANK YOU!!! God bless! Jesus Thank you. Finally! Step in a positive direction!!! :)
Why only changes for Diamond tier players and above? whats happen with Palatinum and lower ranks?
Wouldn't this punish people like Stevo and Fuey for playing their best heroes when the toxic people they play with ruin THEIR games by throwing? Because if the goal is to win... And 5/6 players are throwing to spite the OTP, wouldn't the one trick end up suffering the most? Since they wouldn't have that personal SR boost to help them even if their games were horrible because of toxic players on their team.

Like when Stevo is playing a game and everybody automatically tilts because of his Symmetra pick, there's not a lot he can do to win on his own since the rest of his team decided they'd rather lose than work with Stevo. Stevo shouldn't be punished because toxic players are spiteful and awful.

I feel like everybody's happy about this because of the effect it'll have on one-tricks, but... This kind of seems like Blizzard is taking the side of the trolls and false reporters that hate one-tricks and say OTs should all be in plat...
Any chance of putting the individual SR changes in plat or potentially across the board?
Why aren't Personal Performance Skill Ratings displayed in game?
So I love these changes for sure but yeah... it's not enough. The majority of the playerbase is not Diamond+. Comp mode is very clearly a problem for a huge amount of players, and applying a fix that only effects a small portion of players is kinda sucky.

Like either you guys do agree that comp sucks, and chose to fix it for only a subset of people. Or you disagree that comp sucks and are just tweaking to make matches slightly better for higher ranked players, and if that's the case please tell me so I stop looking forward to being able to play it some day
Das cool. Now lets get some competitive rewards.
12/08/2017 02:56 PMPosted by Arashi
no rank reset nice

Why do people want to reset their rank so badly?

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