"Lost Connection to Game Server"

Bug Report
I have been receiving this message probably 1/10 games in competitive and getting kicked out to the login page. I lose 50 SR and I have to wait 10 minutes when this happens while picking a character at the start of a match. I've had this issue for 3-4 seasons and I'm tired of it. It's not my internet connection because I am still listening to music/ online when this occurs. So, It'd be nice for this to be fixed because its frustrating winning 2 games gaining 40 SR then losing 50 for a problem that continually occurs.
Same thing has been happening to me the past 4 days. Checked the Internet and its fine, i think its been happening to a lot of people because I've been seeing DCs at the beginning of games. Just had two games canceled in a row from other players DC-ing at the beginning of games.

It typically happens to me post win-streak.

Me too, i loose 50Sr points due to a server problem and had to wait 10 minutes. I'm so frustated right now, please blizzard correct this! I think you guys could reward players who loose these points.
I just lost points because of the same problem... and I wasn't even in the match yet, I was in the queue! :(
Blizzard, it happened again! Lost 100 Sr now! And banner for 30min! Please, correct these, i want my points back.

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