Should I report because I was asked too?

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I just had a game on Ilios and we steamrolled the enemy. After the first point they said they had a thrower, but to be honest I couldn't tell (we had a widow on our team that was just rockin it). After the second point on the Well we again capped 100% to 0% and I along with my other teammates were asked to report a player on the other team.
They were said to be dancing in spawn and just not particapating, however I never witnessed it as I was on the point the whole time. I started to type it, but then stopped and deleted it before I sent it.
So should you request other people to report people and if asked should do it even though you didn't personally witness it? The other question is, is reporting someone just because someone else on the enemy team asked you too, gonna get me in trouble (possible false reporting)?
No, you shouldn’t. By all means, if you personally observe reportable behavior, please do so, but if all you have to go on is what someone said, please do not.

Sometimes, maybe someone’s Hanzo is having a bad day so the underperform a little, but their team tilts hard and hates on them really bad. Then, they’ll ask to report that person when their own toxicity was probably more responsible for their match’s outcome.

So, don’t do it. If their behavior was actually bad and their own team reports, that’s plenty.
Honestly, if you've no clear evidence, I would just ignore and move along. it's easy enough for some people to accuse others of throwing when they get steamrolled. (usually off meta hero picks).
Yeah, I would only report stuff you saw yourself.
Only report based on something you yourself witnessed.

It's hard to know if someone on other team is throwing unless they do something blatantly obvious like Mei walling off their own team repeatedly or Sym putting up a telly that leads people to fall off a cliff.
If you didn't see it, don't bog down the report system with hearsay. It's as likely to be harassment as actual throwing.

If you didn't see that player/hero at all during the match they could just have been somewhere else. Plenty of games I find myself asking "they had a Genji?"
Ok. paying attention to the killfeed is important... not just for reporting.


only report if you see in the killfeed someone frequently jumps off the map, report them. if you see someone in comp charging in and saying hello, report them. If you see a reinhardt at the Back of the enemy spamming his shield and dancing about, report him.

Otherwise it could be just some toxic #%#*%%* trying to get you to report the hanzo on the enemy team that may actually be doing best in the team, but #%#*%%* has to be toxic cos he cant stand a hanzo on the team

(Yes i play hanzo a lot, but if they have 2 shields on a payload etc, i switch, and respect people who play hanzos as long as they switch if they arent getting the damage output they should be).

Also its good to remind people on your team that they could be getting more towards a victory on a different character, maybe they are just tired after a long day at work and havent been paying attention to how bad they are playing, all it takes is for you to remind them for them to realise, and switch to something more effective against the enemy.
There's way to many people falsely accusing people in this game. Was in a game a day or so ago. Playing Mercy and trying hard as usual. Apparently someone felt they were not getting healed enough and ask everyone to report me as a thrower.

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