Happy new year to every player and the overwatch team

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2017 year has been an absolute blast. The amount of love and care put into the game this year from the OW team was amazing. And i 100% think that 2018 will be even better. I hope that everyone gets the skins they want and get even better.

About a few years ago when overwatch was announced everyone called it a tf2 copy. And hell, i could understand why. The characters were similar to the 9 mercs and the humor also closely resembled tf2. But after all this time i've learned something about tf2 and overwatch.

There's more that unites us than divides us

The biggest highlights of this year were the events, new heroes and the new maps.

The events were really good. Uprising reminded me of good ol' MVM. Honestly, i really wouldn't mind if there was a pay to play uprising thingy you can do at anytime to get rewards and cool stuff. Summer games was 100% my favorite event. Although a lot of people hate hit seem to love it. Maybe because i'm a hipster. Halloween was great. But also stupidly hard. Winter wonderland had great skins but i only wanted the sombra skin and nothing else. Guess what i got? Orisa puppy emote and fisherman roadhog. We really need a skins trading thing. I'd give up both those items just for the rime sombra skin. But i'm getting off-track here.

The new heroes showed us one of the bad things with blizzard making them. They are always, always overhyped and everyone thinks they will break the meta etc etc etc. Moira made up for it though. I mean i didn't like her design at first glance but it grew on me. She is very fun to play as and has a good spot in the ranks right now. She should just stay as she is. Doomfist was incredibly overhyped. He could level a skyscraper they said. But he couldn't even punch a piece off glass off the table. Orisa was also overhyped. Timthetatman was crying about how good she was. And guess what? she got nerfed before launch and she was barely useful. But the new changes made her way better. So thanks blizzard for that.

The new maps were frickin' awesome! Junkertown is incredibly fun to play with only like 1 or 2 choke-y places. It colours were great and the didgeridoo at the start is always fun to listen to. Blizzard world seems fun too, can't wait to see what it will play like in comp.

But forget all that blabber, happy new year. To everyone and all
Happy new year from the UK
Happy New Year from Portugal :D
Happy new year from California

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