More young Ana skins please

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I want to see more grandma Amari to be honest.
Quit trying to age shame Ana.
01/08/2018 10:13 AMPosted by Eck
Quit trying to age shame Ana.
I'm not i respect both versions.
Children behave
Isn't it weird to play young Ana and hear grandma Ana voice?
So long as they give her a young Ana voice to go with it, something they should do with all the characters with younger skins (they did it with Gabriel's narration in Uprising, no reason they can't do it with Soldier, Ana, Torbjorn and Reaper).
We have enough waifus

Ana is one of the most brilliant character designs in video games for at least the past few years. I'm sorry to disagree with you but I would really like more skins in her current age.

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