Pirate ship is unbeatable

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You say pirate ship, and all I can think of is Barret's theme from FFVII.
just stay calm. save up some ults and get the on second point.
Ok pros use it, pros also use Mei to lift the Bastion off the payload, before the bridge and away from their teammates. Which in turn allows you to destroy their Bastion and then their team who just got broken apart.
beep beep
The problem isn't bastion, it's Orisa.
You can't nerf Bastion because of pirate ship. He'd be too weak overall. Also Pirate Ship must have been in the game since the start. Putting Bastion on the payload was the very first strong strategy I discovered in the game.
Get Orisa. Pull the bastion from the PL. Go from there.
Dive-Bombers and flankers also help. And you can run Junkrat to spam the shield(s) or even a Bastion yourself until the enemy switches.
It needs a bit of teamwork and understanding of the game. But it's doable.
You can counter Pirate ship with pirate ship. . .works all the time

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