its time to ignore overwatch...

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time to ignore OW SR system. Instead, im going to just focus on having fun and just getting better instead of letting the SR reflect it. And I encourage you guys to do the same because we all want to climb, but it probably wont happen, even though our skills are improving. our aim is improving, our positioning is improving. If we know it, and I know it, its good enough for me.

aftter so many months and hours being put in this game and WE ARE IMPROVING, we are still stuck in gold and below makes no sense. this tells you the SR system is flawed. Its bugged. its messed up. its not accurate. its not us.

so instead of focusing on it, have fun and ignore that stupid number, because this game is about luck of the draw, not skill. so that little stupid number at the end of every match, dont let it bug you, because its not an accurate representation.

just have fun. have fun killing, have fun improving your aim and testing out new strategies. even though SR does not reflect it, in your mind and attitude it will. do it for yourself
It's easier some games than others. I use quickplay to practice but I used ranked as a measure of how well (or not) i've been doing. Sometimes it's too discouraging to keep that attitude.
idontheal, the reason you are still in gold is because you are not the only one improving. In order to climb, you have to improve faster than the people that are higher ranks than you. Just simply improving is not enough.
My favorite though is when I ask someone to switch who is playing a character terribly they reply

"well you've never been to masters so I'm better than you and don't have to listen to you. I have 12 smurf accounts in Grandmaster."

Like you being higher in a broken rank system that doesn't reflect personal skill changes the fact that I'm playing better than you in a game and you would expect a grand master to know when they are getting countered.

*sigh* I just try to win everygame the best way I know how and pray for the day the ranks system relies mainly on personal skill.
I played nothing but rpg/mmo before this game. I used to be upset over SR then I figured most of these guys just came from cs or TF so I stopped caring. Then leavers throwers etc became funny. The only thing that tilts me now is lag lol

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