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It's time to nerf mainstream characters. Primary the 2 mainstream dps (Genji, tracer). Both heros "skill cap" is highly overrated (considering everybody who plays them thinks their insanely hard to play). Let's first talk about tracer.
The cover girl of overwatch, untouched since launch. This 150 hp character and one map any character under 200 hp. Now I know, you have to be up close and personal, well as a teleporting character and the second most mobile character in the game, it's not hard. There's multiple ways to nerf her but I wouldn't want to doomfist nerf her out of existence. Tracers damage should be the nerf required to make her a more fair character to fight. If you nerf her abilities, she basically useless. Her ult in my opinion isn't really anything that worries me, you could argue but grav pulse bomb but that's not tracer, that's grav.

Next I want to talk about genji, Damage: fine
Dash: Questionable? Should he be able to get dash if he only taps somebody?
Deflect: Well come back to this
Ult: not much of a problem, dash makes it really good so if I whined about it I would have to whine about dash.
Going back to Deflect, many of you have heard this by now but his hitbox is very large. "Don't shoot" well that doesn't work when he stands any where a projectile character was shooting. If you're in a large team fight you might be shooting at someone else and the corner of it could still take a few shot back at you. We could tone that down a bit
I don't want to nerf these to into the ground, I think that these two characters are important for the game as of every other one, except phara. Obviously there's other characters that do need buffs such as doomfist, torb, and maybe sombra but she can be very powerful on cheese comp. I know that balancing 26 heros is not an easy job especially when they are all unique and all counter and get counter by different ones. Please don't just die vote this forum because you read one thing you didn't like just comment about what you thing could be done or even buff other characters to counter them better.
As an Ana main i hate those two and for me they could be nerfed to the ground so they wont be a threat even to afk baby dva but tbh they are not op. Yes i know, they are annoying as hell but everythink that kills you more than once is annoying. I would rather see defence heroes like torb, symm and mei get their buffs so they can deal with flankers.

I know that this forum hate flankers (especially genji), tbh i like to come here and read "nerf genji/tracer" threads after game when i got killed by them a lot xD
About possible balance changes:
I agree that nerfing any of Tracer abilities will hit her to hard. Tracer is as good as player behind her, there is no limit to her skill celling. After OWL season starts and we will see what good tracers can do i guess lots of ppl will want her to be nerfed.
About genji...
>double jump: personally i dont like how it hide his head so he cant be headshoted while jumping. But ok, its only annoying but oh boi... speaking about annoying abilities...
>deflect: i dont know what were devs thinking when they made his deflect bigger than its animation (ok i know cuz jeff told us why they did it) but come on we want the anination to fit hitbox! Is it that hard to just make somethink like green, glowing circle around him showing the actual deflect hitbox? Its like making reaper or pharah ult animation smaller than the actual dmg area.
>dash: meh, its ok, if you want to change anythink just dont let dash cancel deflect
>dragon blade: its ok
Hehe, someone's going to drop back into gold after the junkrat nerf goes through. Salt must've kicked in. Hehe

If it were up to this forum, they would nerf every normal character and buff the utmost cancer.

Bad heroes:

Genji nerf? Yes. Nerf him into the ground.
Tracer nerf? Yes. 1 blink only and no recall.
Soldier nerf? Tough one. He's a mainstream DPS but he also handles Pharah. Maybe if they also nerf Pharah then they can nerf soldier as well. So, yes.
Pharah nerf? Yes. Pharah can no longer fly.
Doomfist nerf? If Genji wasn't getting nerfs, the answer would be no, but since Genji is getting nerfed, Doomfist can get nerfed too.
Ana nerf? Tough one. But Mercy players mostly hate Ana players because of the stereotype that Ana takes skill and Mercy doesn't. So, yeah. Nerf Ana
Zenyatta nerf? He's a DPS anyways. Nerf him.
Zarya nerf? Yes. She's a DPS anyways and she takes much more skill than D.Va or Orisa.

Good heroes:

Every game from now on is a draw since both teams spend the entire game just shooting at each other's shields and walling each other off with Mei. If someone gets killed, he just gets teleported by Symmetra or rezzed by Mercy.

Good times.
01/08/2018 02:06 PMPosted by TwixSnickers
Hehe, someone's going to drop back into gold after the junkrat nerf goes through. Salt must've kicked in. Hehe


I was in master before junkrat buff game out and was still climbing as a junk main. Then I took a month break

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