Toxicity and Lack of Change Makes Game Hard to Play

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I took about a month long break from Overwatch to play Dota 2. The game had gotten stale for me. I was playing everyday for 2-3 hours so I'm not surprised. Anyway I came back, and to my surprise. Everything is still the same. No new meta shifts. No significant hero balances. Mercy is still having a crisis about what is op and what isn't. Moira dropped, but that has had little to no effect on the game from my perspective. Honestly this is a bit disappointing, I was really hoping to see things balance out a bit and perhaps even have to relearn some parts of the game.

Unfortunately, that's not the only thing that hasn't changed about Overwatch. Toxicity is still really bad. I thought with the "Play nice play fair" dev update the ow team would take the report system more seriously and people would start to cool off a bit more in comp. But, this is not the case. It seems to me that the actual report system has had no changes as there is always someone toxic in my comp games. I've noticed that some streamers have been banned for toxicity. To me this is just the ow team saying "Hey don't do this or you'll end up like this guy." however the last part of that sentence doesn't even apply. From what I have seen the only way to get yourself banned is to:
-Post yourself being toxic
-Have a decent amount of viewers who are actually watching you be toxic
-Have a blizz employee watch you be toxic

I think I'm going to take another break. Let me know when the report system is fixed. I can deal with a stale meta, but I play to have fun not to hear someone yelling about how their team is bad.

For the record I haven't lost a game this season I just don't enjoying playing anymore

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