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12/26/2017 07:34 PMPosted by Ferrothorn88
12/23/2017 11:18 PMPosted by Bixby
I blame Seagull and other twitch pros for influencing these changes. Kaplan let the wrong people decide which direction the game should go, trying to force it into a GM pro game genre. The game has MILLIONS of casuals and semi competitive players - cater to them.

THIS is why Mercy needs to just be left alone. STOP nerfing her to the point of utter uselessness.

The delusionality...
12/26/2017 07:26 PMPosted by Nelke
12/26/2017 07:22 PMPosted by AnActualFrog

What makes you think they aren't listening? Just because Mercy hasn't been reverted?

We haven't seen a bluepost about mercy since September

All they do is shovel all our feedback into the fire and ignore it

They talked a bit about it just before Blizzcon. Mostly that she's still on the radar for balance issues and that it's an ongoing process.

My guess is we'll hear something about more fine tuning soon. Hopefully in between seasons.
12/26/2017 07:33 PMPosted by Nelke
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Agreed. 10-12 seconds would be good to try for a while.

I feel for Mercy mains who are having to learn damn near a new hero, but Valkyrie has been more interesting to see and i imagine more rewarding when you get a clutch Rez.

Valkyrie... More interesting?
Nothing more exciting than Mercy embedding herself to the skybox for 20 seconds while carelessly shooting a healing beam into a horde of teammates

There's more too it to her diving in and pressing Q, only to float a way a bit after. She's more interesting to me now since there's a bit of positioning and Rez prioritizing involved, including staying aware from snipers who should be paying attention. Different strokes.
Mercy 1.0 = Best Mercy.

Get it done Blizz.
this is really good, it isnt just a rant and maybe blizz will look at this. im a support main and cant stand competitive right now. there are other big problems with the game but mercy is a major problem.

also, OWL is coming soon, do people actually want to watch a easy hero like mercy being op and in every game, ruining them with her resurrects and all that. i sure as heck dont
I hate that this guys post is the megathread. Like this is needed but this guy has bad suggestions in my opinion. And I want mercy to be the most balance as possible. Reducing specific things is a great idea but I think Moria would dominate as the secondary healer afterwards so
I still want my zen and lucio picks to have a boost.
I've never been forced to play mercy and I do have a LOT of hours on all supports.

The thing is our main healers are mercy, moira and "ana" (I would rather say lucio than ana), but ana is a joke as a main healer at the hands of most players and moira lack the mobility that mercy have.

Also, most of the community don't wanna play healer, then the team will probably have a solo healer, turning lucio and zen a non-optimal choice.

Then, within this context, is OBVIOUS that mercy will be picked more over the other supports. The game only have 2 main healers and one of those is a safer bet than the other( Just like soldier is a safer bet than mcree, but the game gives you way more options of dmg than heals)

It's not mercy that need to be nerfed so badly, is Ana that needs to be buffed badly and the community that needs to change.
I want a revert. Getting a 4-5 Man res felt so good and challenging to get especially with Tracer and Genji coming for you. Now it’s more like: ults incoming? Ult, fly away, dive in, res, fly away, dive in, res, fly away and just hold M1 because nobody even bothers to shoot you.
Master Mercy Main here, I agree completely. Getting real sick of Mercy. I want a variety of choices to pick from.
Overwatch is just so broken right now
all I say now why bother playing comp when I end up playing Mercy
for the sake of my team and to be in advantage
playing Anna or Lucio wont work unless the other healer is a Mercy
of course comobing 2 healers other than with Mercy just a bad idea right now
don't forget the long lasting Valk in the sky untouchable and escaping pretty much every ult in the game which is sure better than any other healers ults
I wonder what was the point then removing the speed from Nano boost
wasn't for the sake that any other ult shouldn't be dominating and inescapable ?!
tell me Devs what is wrong now??!! how is this Mercy balanced like this for the game
I dont think a revert is a good idea! Remember how much of a buzzkill team rez was? An absolute bore to play too.
Get rid of rez as an E ability and cull valk to 12-15 seconds. She will still have an insane pick rate. Particulary on console because her healing is so easy.
Do it now! While people are still distracted with Moira.
I don't like the idea of Mercy being nerfed again and again because some developpers thought it was a great idea to create an "Godmod" ult for Mercy. But, i agree with the statement of Mercy just being overpowered while the others supports are way below her.

Basis, Valkyrie is a great abilities but i'm thinking it doesn't belong to an ultimate. It's way too powerfull for an ultimate and Mercy suffer for being too passive during teamfights until she crack her ult and carry the !@# of all their teammates.
And the Mass ressurect was... Way to frustrating to be kept. Seriously, Dps mains whined about it during a long time and revert Mercy back is one of the worst idea, in regard of managing the community.

So... What's my point?
Intervert Valkyrie and Ressurect while creating a new mechanics.

New mechanic: Suit charge (The name may change)
The Valkyrie suit has now a resource meter, like D.Va or Moira, on the right of her screen.
When Mercy heal or boost her teammates, she replenish the suit charges. (Approx: 6 sec of healing/boost which mean 360hp healed/~150damage added by the boost)
When the resource meter is full, it take 4 sec to deplete it entirely.

New E:Valkyrie
Valkyrie is a toggle abilities (With 1 sec cd to activate it and 0.5sec to deactivate) which consume the suit charges and don't let your regenerate it until you deactivate it.
But, when Valkyrie give upgrade of all abilities of Mercy, this version bring sidegrades (Which may be better) or nothing. Let's what it changes:

-The heal passive isn't upgraded (The hot begin to tick after 1 sec and not continuously)
-Mercy can fly but a bit slowly: 5m/s

Caduceus staff
-The beam range is reduce to 8m
-The beam can now bounce onto allies within 8m like our actual Valkyrie, all into her sight.
-The heal of the staff is reduced to 30hp/s (60hp/s usually
-The damage boost is reduced to 17.5%

Caduceus blaster
-Double the firerate of the weapon
-Increase the bullets speed to 60m/s

Guardian angel
-Nothing changes

Valkyrie change the ultimate too but that's something else i'd like to talk after.
But on regard of this new version of Valkyrie, i wanted to create a tool which gave her the ability to reposition quickly, to heal a group at the cost of her monoheal.
But also to make Mercy dangerous if the flankers doesn't think twice about the actual resource management of Mercy, because... Until she stop healing and turn back, she's a free target usually and only the position of allies can help her... Or, until she crack Valkyrie.
Well, i've some difficult to express my thinking so, let's move on.

New Ultimate: Resurrect/Prevention
The Ultimate is two differents abilities merged into one by the use of Valkyrie.
While she's not in Valkyrie mode, the ultimate is Resurrect. And otherwise, it's Prevention.

Bring back the targeted ally (Or the nearest ally) by Mercy into a 8m range. Resurrect is an instant ability which its sole purpose is to res' a teammates who can have a game changing ultimate.

During 3 sec, Mercy will channel a link between all allies into 8m range in her sight, a link which can bounce onto allies like the beam of her Valkyrie mode.
During Prevention, if a linked ally die, he's bring back to life with full life but the link cannot target him again.

Meanwhile, if Mercy die, deactivate Valkyrie or if she doesn't have enough energy to maintain Prevention, the abiliy will deactivate.
All linked allies will gain a % of their life depending of the number of linked allies during Prevention: (100% regained if only 1 linked, 50% regained of only 2, 33%, 25% and finally 20% if all allies were linked to Mercy)
But, during Prevention, if Mercy can't regenerate or is in a bad situation, she can still move and use her abilities which can be difficult if she try to go out of the melee, breaking the link with all teammates.

The idea behind the Ressurect/Prevention ultimate is to bring a less powerful ultimate to Mercy's kit, which doesn't work against other supports ultimates (She can't save peoples in a Graviton without exposing herself, or reduce to nothing Symmetra ultimate). In that way, Mercy is less forgiving for bad players but can assure a bad push and turn the tides if needed.

Hmm... Yeah, sorry if i killed the grammar a numerous times, i did my best and i hope you'll do your to understand it. Bye!
We really appreciate the feedback, but to keep it concise and easier for us to review, we request that all Mercy feedback be left in the PTR Changes thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20759330227
I can still maintain GM as Ana only, granted most of the games i end up winning we have a Mercy anyway as everyone just begs for it but i refuse to play what i consider a braindead hero to win.

There's really no other way to say this but rez is a broken mechanic and if it were entirely removed then Ana and Lucio would have their pickrates boosted.

Old mercy with rez on Q wasn't as big of a problem because it was trivial to find the hiding mercy and eliminate her before you go to win a team fight. New mercy just ults, pops off two rezzes and then proceeds to fly around for 20 seconds chain healing or boosting allies with little in the way of shutting her down as the mobility is too good along with the passive heal.

I don't know why the easiest healer in the game needs to be a must pick because of the insane value of rez. Mercy team vs no mercy team is basically a 8v6.
So there's a couple issues I found with Mercy and I feel this is a good place to have them.

One: For the people saying she is not OP, that is literally what her ult does. It takes every aspect of her kit and makes it more powerful than normal abilities.

Two: For those who ever got involved or hear anything about "mercy mains, got no brains," yes, it's a mean thing to say. Is it true? No. But there is an element of reasoning as to why phrases like it show up. I may get flak for this, but I believe (opinion) non-ulting mercy to be relatively balanced. There's a lot of thought that goes into it:
- Who's your target?
- Who needs it?
- Damage boost or healing?
- Who do you rez?
- Is it worth risking? (will you die)?
And it's similar decision making that I think (more opinion) gives a certain appeal to supports in the first place. But with Valk the way it is, there's very little decisions to be made. Heck, even the question of whether or not to use it is straight forward. As long as your team is near the objective, it's probably a good time to Valk.

Three: For those who find "new" Mercy unenjoyable, I've been putting thought into this and I believe I figured out a big contributing factor. Her ult is a Mary Sue
Ultimate. If you've never heard of a Mary Sue, it's a literary term used to describe a character who is nearly perfect in every way, or has little to no significant flaws. Such characters often come across as bland, uninteresting, and boring. Most of the ults in the game have big flaws. I will use Ana's nano boost as an example here, as it can be very powerful in certain situations. Nano boost has a few flaws including:
- Single target
- Target does not heal
- Nano'd target is susceptible to crowd control
- Not every hero is a good target
- No more speed boost (since nerf)
- Ana gains no benefit from use
But with Mercy, it doesn't feel like any flaws are there at all, or if there are flaws, they are heavily outweighed by how good it is. For instance, Valk is more than two times longer than any other support ult in the game. Think about that. Take any other support ult, double its duration, and Mercy's ult is still longer than that. 20 seconds of being a hero with close to zero flaws, with a relatively short charge rate.

I firmly hold that mercy's balance issues and (seemingly) must-pick status are due to her overwhelming ultimate, not rez. Feel free to disagree, but this is where I stand.
Okay. As a Mercy main with almost 200 hours, we have to take both sides (good/bad or nerf/buff)

When Mercy 1.0 was live (Including the temporary Invincibility) she was pretty balanced, her main abilities might seem very simple, which they were only GA, Damage and Healing beam.
That's it.

And her Ultimate, was very OP, but there were a few ways to counter it. Either your team cleans up (again) what Mercy rezzed or just kill her while she's preparing to hide or Rez her team.
She wasn't a "Must pick" hero back then because her ultimate was a big responsibility and not many wanted to take the role as Mercy (because if you had Ultimate and died in the middle of a fight, you get classed as a thrower or just get flamed)

Now her Ultimate might be even more OP because it keeps the momentum from a team fight. And when we had 4 Rezzes on Mercy 2.0 it was mindblowing.

The point is that all this new reworks have caused even more issues. I don't see why whoever had the dumbest decision of making all these reworks to Mercy thought it would be better. Jeff says that it was because players were tempted to hide. But really? Any other hero can hide or go behind/top of them and kill a full team with his/her Ultimate, but why Mercy can't?

Her Valkyrie time is fine, you can't do much other than just "connected healing", the mobility penalty and cast time are just ridiculous and unnecessary. I'd prefer to get that away and buff the rest of the healers to put all of them at the same level. Maybe extended ultimate time for the rest of the supports?
And here I thought I was the only one with the unpopular opinion that Valkyrie lasts insanely long. I can agree that it needs to be toned down. 10-12 seconds should be fine. It gives out way too much momentum for the whole team as it is now when she's also incredibly hard to kill because of the movement speed boost that Valkyrie gives.
We could go on a strike alltogether and spectate the feathered battles from the ground. Who brings popcorn?
Personally, they should just lower Valk to 12-15 sec, AND remove Rez entirely, punish players for getting killed, it's as simple as that. I think Rez shouldn't have been in the game from the start, it always has, and always will ruin games from time to time. Players deserve to be punished for getting killed, not rewarded with a rez. Leave Rez to the RPGs, not competitive multiplayer games. I have no issues with the chain healing after all, it's part of her ult kit, but lowering the timer on Valk should help that immensely.

Another thing is how almost impossible to kill she is, she's a stupid twig, her hitbox is like Kate Moss, so thin she'll fall through a floor crack, i've missed air to air rockets with Pharah against her countless times, where i have no issues blowing up other Pharah's in air to air combat because Pharah has the hitbox of a barn. My selfish reasoning however, fix her stupid twig hitbox, everyone else is pretty easy to land hits to, i swear even widow has a fatter hitbox than mercy, maybe cuz those hips don't lie.
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