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I have a mouse that has a triple tap button on it and I was wondering if this would be considered cheating in a competitive environment? I would like to utilize it more but am to afraid in case it is a punishable offense.
There is Bliz's defintion of cheating:

However I still have no idea if it pertains to hardware, I mean why would someone buy a 240Hz monitor if it conveyed no advantage or use a Keyboard and Mouse on console - Bliz have taken no action in either of these cases.

I am also not sure how triple tap would be useful, since most Heroes with single shot abilities have cool downs between shots for example it takes time to charge widow shots.
Gibberish my monitor only have 144 hz
I looked into this awhile back. Unfortunately blizz is very vague about these kinds of things. Basically what I found is that if your key/button acts like a macro it can only function as pressing one key or button. Essentially it is NOT allowed to bind a macro that does W+A, but you can bind a macro that just does W.
I use my extra mouse button for default melee and have for quite awhile, because i think V as default is an awkward location. You're fine.
Thank you so much everybody
One click one command. All blizzard games.

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