Bastion needs a nerf to his damage while in turret conf.

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12/16/2017 09:45 AMPosted by ImAMistake
12/16/2017 09:40 AMPosted by Kryptsm
Bastion is one of the heroes with the most counters AND has to sit PERFECTLY still while in turret mode.

Just get a flanker like Tracer or Genji and they can reliable kill a Bastion.

While your flanker tries to flank and kill him from behind most chances your Rein's shield will be melted already.
then wait until the flanker is in position THEN push.

you really need to coordinate.

Now, I don't blame you since it's low gold because in the entirety of gold, there are a ton of people who just play on their own. They will rush in headlong without a plan and without their team.
Out of all heroes someone suggests a bastion nerf.
Who will win:
A powerful stationary vulcan OR
Staying behind a cover
12/16/2017 09:39 AMPosted by ImAMistake
Literally, he counters every tank in the game with his 525 dps and very annoying to deal with. If you add that annoying robo ponny to that, tanks and especially tank mains will have such hell when they're just trying to defend their team. Please lower his fire rate or damage output. Though even with Pharah it's very annoying to deal with because you need to go behind and try to kill, but Orisa just might put a barrier in your face.

1. Robot pony? Seriously? If your talking about Orisa she's more of a robot centaur.

2. Ever heard of Sombra? Hack the bot and his easy picking. Or use Mei to ice wall him out of a barrier (but that requires more teamwork and co-ordination)

3. You are asking for a nerf for a character that most people haven't had trouble dealing with? (Reminds me of a certain melee focused character)

4. Moira's ult is a good way to get him panicking. Toss an orb in there as well and his a dead Bastion.


12/16/2017 09:49 AMPosted by CamKitty
Turret mode is objectively worse then just playing fat soldier in recon mode unless they are actually in your face.

Cry less, people like you cause Blizz to listen to you and leave f tier heroes in the garbage

What this guy said.
I was hoping that you were just new to the game. If you've played as long as you have and still think that Bastion needs a nerf, then I'm afraid that nobody can help you.

Good day.
12/16/2017 09:46 AMPosted by Saint
Roadhog can hook Bastion out of Sentry mode, can eat all of his damage for a while, Reinhardt and Orisa barriers aren't optimal against a Bastion but the robot doesn't really counter these two unless they stand still in the open.

The only tank that Bastion gives some trouble is Winston by denying him areas to jump, but even then Winston can just play safe and wait for Bastion to inevitably die to a frontline or flanker.

It's possible to win a 1v1 as Orisa against a Bastion, but it's very tricky to do so and requires certain tactics like environment coverage and using halt at key moments like when your barrier is about to go down.

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