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23. But sometimes I feel more mature than my age, then I do something stupid so it balances out :P
I'm 20 and female! I find I'm bang in the middle of the age range of my teams most of the time
Name: Alfredo Capwnicus
Age: 22
Sex: Male
Race: Imperial
Bloodtype: Mead
Sign: The Lover Stone
Protector: MasterChief. Geralt of Rivia. Jon Snow.
Otherkin: Wolf. Werewolf. Sometimes Vampire.
Weapon of Choice: One Handed or magic
Occupation: welll, errr, I suppose Mercenary, Wanderer, thief, lawbringer, lawbreaker, Assassin, Monster Hunter.
Affiliation: Imperial Legion. Dark Brotherhood. Thieves Guild. Mages Guilds. Any with gold in hand or mead.

-Master Drinker
-Master Trader
-Master Blaster
-Master Troller
-Master Baiter
-Master Gamer
-Master Potato Couch[er].
15 male.
Wow, this thread is 15 pages now??
Male 29, playing online games since ~17 years.
26. Been gaming since I was 2.
I would love it if you get fragged by someone and it tells you their age and ping.

"You were eliminated by a 36 year old male with 150 ping"
just a 15 YR OLD
I'm 17, started posting here at about 11-12.
29 happy and working IT guy, living with my GF who's not in to video games at all, yes you can find a girl too if you don't use the filter "gaming girl"
28 and maybe it's pride and naivety but I'll be damned if I use age as an excuse for not performing as well as I'd like to be. With the right amount of time and practice, I believe most people (I say most because I admit that there is a certain age where you can't improve due to physical limitations) can make it to the top. It may take MORE time and practice for the older folks to significantly improve but I do believe it's still possible to do so.
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Wow, this thread is 15 pages now??

Love how all the 12 year old kids on the forums become 30+ year olds pretending to have a job and kids.
30 here, it just recently got to the point where I've had to ask what certain terms and phases mean. Someone said, "Kappa" once in game and I was so confused at what that meant. So I asked, and I think the first thing said after they gave me the definition was how old I was.

On a side note, I've recently started going to a nearby engineering college for a material science degree. In one of my classes someone was talking about how one goes about making a website. I mentioned that early on if you knew HTML it was pretty easy, and more difficult to find stuff since Google didn't exist and all you had was Yahoo and AskJeeves. The whole table looked at me like I suggested you could fly if you thought about being a bird long enough. Turned out the whole table had been born after Google was founded. It was the first time I felt somewhat old. :P
34 male here. I've been gaming since I was 7. I consider myself as hardcore gamer. I will be playing video games until the day I die, no doubt. You could say that I'm kind of a mixed bag. I'm a gamer, a loner (still have friends, though!), a truck driver and a chick magnet. I don't have kids. I guess I should feel 'old', but it's kinda hard, when teenager girls lie their age in order to date you! Oh, and married women like me, too. Gaming will keep you young, my friends! Just don't sit too much, especially guys. Bad for the balls and makes you age faster.
Loves dogs
and Video Games
Love me plz
wait this isn't eharmony
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Loves dogs
and Video Games
Love me plz
wait this isn't eharmony

Finally, someone else.

I personally think I sound about 13 though.
this is why I don't do mic

I also didn't know there were a lot less younger people playing Overwatch. Huh.

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