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19 y/o dude
19 , Im not a kid!!
20 y/o.
Age: 17

Gender: Female

First gaming platform: PC

Favorite games besides OW: Fortnite, Mirror's Edge, Borderlands, HotS and Paladins (Don't judge. I like both OW and Paladins equally.)

Favorite OW Characters: Tracer, Mei, Sombra, Winston, Mercy, Orisa and Moira.
36 female PS4 mainly cause my ping goes ballistic on PC. I've been gaming since NES and I'll probably die gaming. Lol

Work makes it hard to play as many games as I'd like, so OW has become the perfect groove in the cushion for me.
Just turned 24 last month, male
Gonna be 18 in a couple of months. Not disclosing what I am tho~
20 year old
uH, i just turned 15 the 26th of December, and I live in Bordeaux- i like to believe everyone can play the games they want to, for there shouldn’t be an age limit or restriction against anyone to play :D have fun, and play on heroes!

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38 female...some kid I was playing with last night told me I was older than his mom lol

I'm 40, and planning to continue playing till 50 (not sure if it'll still be a hitscan hero, though)..

And I get PoTG, a lot : ))
16, Male
20 male bruh
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This article says the average age of gamers is 35, yet whenever age comes up in game I’m the creepy old guy at 31.
13 months
46, To old to aim.
12/13/2017 09:05 PMPosted by ElseWorlds
29 year old basement-dwelling virgin here. I am, sadly, the stereotype. Good news is, I become a wizard at 30. You'll all be so amazed by me shooting fireballs in 6 months.

Just funny
14 social outcast atleast i have my cat *kisses cat*

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