So out of all the new Winter Wonderlands skins...

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Which is your favorite?

Mine would probably be Rime, since it almost turned me into a Sombra main, good thing i suck at playing her though. Beachrat comes in a very close second.
Also Rime. By far.
Tuskar Roadhog.
Rime for sure by long a shot
Rime, yeah. I also like the S76 one alright.

The others are kinda "meh," to me, though. But ... you know, puppy emote! :D So it's ok.
Sombra one, if I liked the character gameplay I would craft the skin.
Sombra's skin and Zenyatta's skin.
It's Soldier for me, it reminds me of some of my GI Joe figures that I had as a kid.
I like Sombra's Rime too. The Snow Owl is a close second.
Surprised to see no Snow Owl yet ! It's clearly my favorite !

Rime is close behind (especially as Sombra is one of my mains), but less convinced by the haircut and blue skin (too much blue), and Snow Owl is just amazing and damn fitting !
Ice Fisherman Roadhog, I love playing Roadhog but have not got the skin
Unpopular opinion but I really don't like Rime. I think the blue skin is just too much blue for me personally. Love the Roadhog and Ana skins though.
12/16/2017 09:58 AMPosted by Triskan
(too much blue)

12/16/2017 10:01 AMPosted by Overjoyed
I think the blue skin is just too much blue for me personally.
Understandable, i do agree there's a lot of blue there.

Then again, ice/water is my favorite element, so it barely phases me.
I like Snow Owl a lot since I'm a bird buff. Same for Avalanche Bastion skin (though it could lose the beanie admittedly).
I would say Rime.

It makes Sombra like an ice spirit in the service of General Winter debilitating your Tanks and slowing down your push to a crawl till you lose.

Like what happened to the Germans in Russia during WW2.
Snow Owl.

The lootboxes gave me Rime, but I don't know... I'm just not crazy about it.
Snow owl for sure but I love junkrats too. So far Casual Hanzo is the only one I have and its.. Okay.
I like the new Junkrat one. It's the first time since last year's Halloween event that I swapped his skin.
I like casual hanzo, especially the redesign

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