"Moira is OP WAAAHH"

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Shush. Get good. Dodge those colorful orbs that are quite literally impossible to miss.
Very constructive and positive feedback! People must love you :D
You know when people make posts like this, they typically deep down know the character they are defending is indeed a little op
i think its less people cant dodge and more it forces them to either tank it or leave a spot that has good positioning
"Dodge the orb" is so funny. Shes a duelist, that means most of the time she is in <10m range of you and dishes out her orb. Most heroes cannot dodge it and its aoe is huge. I recently took 90 dmg from it in less than a second.
yes, because you can so clearly make out a red orb when you have missiles, grenades, shields, etc. all the same red color on your screen. They're SO OBVIOUS.
Your name fits u
Trolling aside Moiras orb is one of those things that I find it funny that people complain about. If it's killing you that means you played your part in letting it happen or you were already near death. Unless of course it's in deathmatch which doesn't count when talking balance in this game
Moira is the most balanced hero in the game. If you honest believe that the orbs are impossible to dodge I'm sorry, you are just wrong. Here are a few characters that can easily avoid it

1. dva
2. Pharah
5. Soldier
+ any hero with movement abilities. All you have to do is use the tools your character gives you. If it does end up being hard to avoid that is only because you are failing to use your abilities to avoid the orb. The orbs only do a max of 200 damage anyways, so for the most part you won't kill anyone, just leave them low. They people you do end up killing are low from other people's attacks. You're going to look at my profile and yell "lol Moria main defending their character", but she really is fine. I am not the only one who thinks this.
I really wonder what exactly is that mythical "git gud"? It's some kind of cheat that makes you invincible or what?
12/15/2017 09:56 AMPosted by Nicolas
I really wonder what exactly is that mythical "git gud"? It's some kind of cheat that makes you invincible or what?

No it makes you realize that if you died 9 out of 10 times its your fault and not the game. It makes you realize that making better usage of your abilities is what is holding you back. It's taking ownership of your own play and not crying for nerfs because something killed you. That's what git gud is
Genji mains downvoting when people call Moira balanced... :p

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