Blizzard, please, for the love of god, fix your servers

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God damn blizzard, I love your game, but please fix the damn servers. At least once every day I get a disconnect during a competitive game that is not the result of my internet. How do I know it is the servers and not my internet? Because I am voice connected to discord when I play! I never lost my discord connection during the last 8 or so disconnects. They could hear me talk just fine, and I could hear them, yet, I got booted out of the game anyways. This is annoying when it happens midgame as my team is a man short for a good 15-30 seconds (as long as it takes me to write my email adress, password and hop back in), this also resets my stats, and worst of all, my ult charge. One disconnect can set me back a good 2 teamfights. And even worse is when it happens in the first minutes of the game. I lose SR and get a 10 minute competitive ban. For what? I didn't do anything wrong, and I can't even be blamed for a !@#$ty internet connection.

This is not the first time these disconnects happened by the way, but recently they happen a lot more frequent. There have been days where I had 4 SEPERATE DISCONNECTS in a single playsession, 2 of them during the same game.

I'm sorry blizzard, I really love playing your game but sh't like this just tilts me instantly.

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