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Hmm...within the context of gaming fun is knowing you can fail hard unless you consider every detail and then make a calculated risk being like a few steps ahead of the other team while realizing they are also doing the same thing. Tracer is the second best class in the entire game because she has mobility on a limited resource you can manage well, but make blink unlimited and she wouldn't be fun anymore. Lucio is the best class because he can smoothly skate in and out of the windows on Lijiang Gardens using the middle pillar for momentum so he can jump out the window for a surprise boop then ride on the wall and get back on the objective keeping wall riding and contested
How about zenyatta with Moira's billiard shots?
Let Roadhog hook his own teammates.

"Get back on the payload!"
most fun character is already created..... she is short, speaks spanish, and dances very well
Sombra with teleporter, you can go ANYWHERE ;3
01/02/2018 02:37 PMPosted by Dante1333
Junkrat except with less damage on his mines and it takes longer for him to charge his riptire. that sounds like a really fun character to me.

I smell what you did there
Roadhog with Guardian Angel and Blink
Doomfist but with no bugs.

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